Folksy Ltd

Double figures for sales

(PaulsJewels) #1

The title says it all lol. I have reached 10 sales. I set myself no official targets but had hoped to get this far by the end of feb so its even nicer to see it happen now :smile:

(Debbie Gill) #2

Well done, it’s great to achieve these milestones, even better when they arrive sooner than expected! :slight_smile:


Well done Paul. You have a lovely shop, wishing you lots more sales.

Natasha x

(JollySmall) #4

Well done! Here’s to the next 10 :smile:

(Helen Healey) #5

Great news! It’s good to be ahead of where you’d hoped to be. :smile:

(Tina Martin) #6

Well done Paul, here’[s to many more! :slight_smile:

(Dawn Sneesby) #7

Well done Paul, not surprised though your jewellery is lovely.

(Karen Ellam) #8

Well done that’s great news :blush:
Here’s to many more :beers: