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Download order details?

(Louise Verity) #1

Hi! Is there somewhere I can download a .csv of my monthly orders? My bookkeeper is just doing October and I forgot to tell her we had opened up on Folksy! She was a little confused when checking through Paypal :wink:

I can’t seem to find anywhere that will list all my orders in a way that is useful for her to glance over. Thanks!

(Shirley Woosey) #2

Hi Louise and welcome to Folksy.

I am afraid there isn’t a way to download a csv file of orders.
The best way is to go your Dashboard and on the left hand side and click on the Orders button.
This will give you a list of your orders for you to print off.
But it’s ongoing with the latest at the top and your bookkeeper will have to add it up!
She may need to check to see if it has included shipping or just the sale price.
There isn’t a useful way to download orders that I have found.

I do my own bookkeeping so I enter them into my software as and when they happen.

Shirley x

(Alison Deegan) #3


If you go to ‘Your Folksy Bill’ and click the link under Status this should take you to a list of transactions for each month, you can highlight these and copy and paste these into a spreadsheet. As long as you don’t accidentally highlight any extra bits they should fall into usable columns.


(Shirley Woosey) #4

Alison I thought this only gives you your Folksy fees.
I think Louise is looking for sales figures.

Shirley x

(Alison Deegan) #5

True Shirley, but if the sales fee fixed at 6% the full sales amount can be easily extrapolated into a new column for totting up. Though non-plus sellers would have to separate their listing from sales fees or create a whizzier function.

(Louise Verity) #6

Thanks so much for your help everyone! It’s a shame that it’s not straightforward, it must be a real pain for those that have 100s of sales a month! At least I don’t have to deal with that :wink:

(Shirley Woosey) #7

Yes of course - why didn’t I think of that Alison @ADEEGAN
You can tell I’ve retired now from my accountancy job, brain doesn’t work out problems anymore! LOL :wink:

Shirley x

(Thrown In Stone) #8

Such a shame you can’t download a proper .csv file. Shouldn’t be too difficult for Folksy to implement either.