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Embroidery Machine Advice Please?

(Donna) #1

I was lucky enough to get an embroidery machine this weekend, after wanting one for years. But it has been a nightmare of snapped threads. I have tried proper embroidery thread, 100% cotton thread, gutterman thick acrylic thread as well as the cheaper ones I have in my sewing box. I have tried changing the needle, oiling everything that can be oiled and adjusted the tension a million times but still the thread snaps! Has anyone out there had any experience of these machines and maybe know why this is happening.

Donna x

(Christine Shephard) #2

I don’t have an embroidery machine but do sometimes have problems with threads snapping. Try using a topstitching needle (it has a bigger eye, so the thread doesn’t get caught), and check the thread isn’t getting itself wrapped around the spindle - if it does, try removing the reel of thread and just standing it on the table instead so it can flow freely. Cotton thread, embroidery thread and cheaper threads do break more easily, so you could also try standard Gutermann polyester thread or another good make and see if that works better.

(Kim Blythe) #3

I use an embroidery machine. The best thread to use is proper machine embroidery thread and by a reputable make. I mainly use Maderia, Brother and Marathon thread. You also need to use bobbin thread in the bobbin.
There are also proper embroidery needles that are the best to use, although topstitch needles are good too.
If using the larger cops of thread then I also use a separate thread stand which you can buy for about £5.00.
There are many ‘special offer’ cheap threads available, but generally they will just give you grief!
Hope that helps!

(Sally Lucas) #4

I have a combined embroidery/sewing machine. At first, it took quite a lot of practice! I totally agree with @KBCreations, Maderia thread on top, bobbin thread underneath (it’s much finer).

I got mine in bulk at first from Barnyarns ( ) - they were also very helpful with their free advice and information.

(Donna) #5

Thank you everyone for all your advice :smile: I went and got some bobbin thread and already had some good polyester threads and have had a fair bit of success. Just one more question, how often do you change your needles? They seem to go blunt in no time at all, is this normal? I am using a fairly heavy cotton fabric with size 90 needles.
Donna x

(Kim Blythe) #6

Embroidery designs tend to have a lot of stitches so the needles have to work hard.
It depends on how big the designs are but I tend to change mine after about every 4 or 5 designs, depending on the density of the designs. If I’m doing small designs, such as for my baby cardigans, then I will probably be ok for about 10 designs, but a big design with 20 or 30 thousand stitches I might only get 2 or 3 from a needle. I make sure I have got plenty of needles!


(Abi Johnston) #7

Can I ask how much the embroidery machines come in at? It’s something I’ve been looking at for years but they all seem to be in the thousands!

(Donna) #8

@KBCreations Thank you Kim, I have got a couple of packets. I think I’ll need them with all this experimenting I’m doing lol
@BirdcageCreative Mine was £500 it’s an elna one, which are now owned by janome. I didn’t wan’t to buy an expensive one to start with. You can get brother ones for £700 - £1000 too.
Donna x

(Kim Blythe) #9

The 2 most popular ones are the Brother Innovis 750e at about £900 and the Janome 350e at about £1000.
There are often offers on with free software to design your own designs.
I am a Brother girl so I don’t know much about the Janome’s but they both seem equally popular.
They can go up to may thousands of pounds to get a larger embroidery area…just depends on your budget!


(Abi Johnston) #10

Yeah I do graphic design and t-shirt printing too so I’d be looking for something that lets me make my own designs. Maybe something for me to save up for!

(Kim Blythe) #11

This is the Brother one…on offer with free software at the moment


(Donna) #12

one day I will have that brother one :slight_smile: my sewing machine is Brother and I love it :smile:
Donna x