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Embroidery machine help

Hey all I’m trying to troubleshoot what is wrong with my brother innov-is 750e. I’ve been using this machine for months now and have experience with embroidery. But yesterday it randomly started birdnesting. I’ve replaced the needle, rethreaded the machine replaced with a new bobbin, even tried putting in anew rotating bobbin case and made sure there’s no dust in the bobbin housing or the top of the machine. It will do a simple straight satin stitch and show changes in tension when I manually adjust but as soon as I try to do a circle it birdnests no matter what tension i have it on.

If you have done all the cleaning etc, changed the needle and rotating bobbin. Can you reset the machine to factory settings. It will lose anything stored so make sure you back the machine up. I have done this once a cleared the problem, failing that if still under guarantee speak to Brother in the UK.

Janome were very good when I had this problem and the technicians can talk you through various things to try to correct it.

No warranty. I bought it second hand but I’ll give it a shot :slight_smile:

Have you used that thread before? It may just be that it doesn’t like the thread.

I actually found the problem. The rotating bobbin case wasn’t hitting the spring and getting jammed up in the corner unable to bounce back to the correct position. I adjusted it and reset tension :slight_smile: working fine now.


Hi Ya,

Glad you solved the problem! For info, if you get issues in the future I’ve found the brother support chat line really helpful (I have an app for brother support on my phone & used that to contact them).

Cheers Lou