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Fathers day help needed!

(Kate Singleton) #1

I need help with a fathers day present, all suggestions are very welcome.
My Dad likes: sailing, playing in his band (keyboard), pottering in his many sheds, (yes, plural!) walking, exploring new places, Scotland, beer, and whiskey!
Many thanks in advance.

(Christine Shephard) #2

I have a photo-art notebook called ‘Out To Sea’ which would be great for someone who loves sailing

(Myfanwy's Makes) #3

How about a mug cosy, nogood for beer or whiskey but will keep his tea hot when he is pottering!

Rosalind x

(Minerva) #4

For someone who likes walking these two items might be suitable.

(Tessa Spanton) #5

How about a hand painted silk tie

(Stephanie Guy) #6

I love sailing too, although we have recently converted to windsurfing, it’s easier to carry around than a boat.

I have a mini oil painting,

with mini easels available separately here

(Hazel Rayfield) #7

I have some original Art In wax with sea themes …

This one is a mounted piece…

and this one smaller and just right for a desk maybe, men seem to be interested in Art In Wax as they are intrigued by the process … and I often get comments that they have been to my website and watched one of my video demonstrations to see how its done :slight_smile:

(Le Petit Bijou Uk) #8


I know you didn’t mention that he was a reader but then most of us are without even thinking about it. Here is a lovely bookmark with a nautical theme


How is this for an active chap - Can be made in a variety of colours and clasps!

Hope you find the present that you are looking for.


(Phoenixprojects) #9

If your Dad likes seeing lots of new places, I have ACEO original watercolours which you could put in with his card. Some are of sights in Europe, others in Britain. Here are a couple of examples:

Pam :slight_smile:

(Kate Singleton) #10

I love all your makes, they are fab! I dont know how I will choose!
Dad will have more that 1 prezzie this year!

(Kate Singleton) #11

I have bought a Stephanie Guy aceo which reminds me of my dad speeding along in his boat. I haven’t finished buying yet though…!