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Innovative gift ideas? (especially for men!)

I am really stuck for a gift idea for my step dad. He is 70, he doesn’t garden, he has a boat on the Norfolk broads, he likes tv, he loves ‘the Olden days’ he has no need for more socks or fleeces.
Who can help me out here? . I like to think I am pretty good at thoughtful or useful gifts but I am really struggling this year (and my mum cannot think of anything).
I thought we could share gift ideas, does anyone have any good ones?
Previous ones that have gone down well in the past:

Husband - a framed copy of the vinyl record we danced to at our wedding.
Dad - a photo album of family photos including ones of him when he was a boy.
Mother in law (who loves to be busy) crossword puzzle books, wool and knitting pattern, jigsaw puzzle

Anyone want to share? And not just for men…

It sounds like the personalisation is what they enjoy? When my dad turned 80 last year I did him a Word art with every word I could think about that associated events from his past. I did it by hand in Illustrator (not those programs that do it), and got a frame for it too. Words like National service, favourite songs, favourite comedians, radio programmes, being a grandad and a dad etc.

It brought tears to his eyes bless him and takes pride of place on the front room table.

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I really like that, That’s a lovely idea…

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I’d say a handmade leather mens belt but then I am biased.

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These are nice nautical things.

would a painting will cheer him up??