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Gift ideas for Father's day please!

(Mr Turtle) #1

Hi everyone, it’s coming up to father’s day and my dad is really hard to buy for!
He likes swimming, cycling, caravanning, music, coffee, liquorice and mints. He doesn’t like anything decorative (so no plaques, cushions, pictures etc) and not cards because I do those myself.
Budget around £15, if anyone can suggest anything I’d be very grateful! :smile:

(Carolyn Graham) #2

If he’s a cufflink man then I have lots of different designs…all for a fiver! :smile:

(Mr Turtle) #3

Those cufflinks look fab! Sadly he doesn’t wear them :frowning:

(Stephanie Guy) #4

Shame he doesn’t like pictures - that’s me out!

@paperchainsandbeads does some good shopping lists with matching pens, she also does gorgeous ink art coasters that might be useful in the caravan. I have some of both items and love them.

@FarUpNorth does some amazing wooden pens, bowls etc. I’ve never bought from them but their shop looks fab.

Good luck with the hunt.

(Minerva) #5

I have this set of knitted organisers for £15 - small gift for the home, office, anywhere really.

(Joy Salt) #6

Shame he doesn’t do decorative as I have a choice of caravans, a bicycle and a violin.

How about :

That takes in the coffee and the cycling

(Far Up North) #7

We have wood turned items that may be suitable including coin trays and pens etc.

(Mr Turtle) #8

Thank you, I’ll take a look at those :slight_smile:

(Jacqueline Austen) #9

I have a sterling silver tie pin, set with a striped black agate gemstone which looks just like a humbug! Sadly out of the price range you specified though, but I thought I would show you anyway (just in case)

Good luck with finding a gift for your Dad.

Jacqueline x

(Carolyn Graham) #10

Thankyou…Oh well nevermind!

(Little Ramstudio) #11

That’s our shop out if it’s not art you are after…

How about this from Joy of Glass?

(Mr Turtle) #12

Ooo that could be a possibility. I may be popping over :slight_smile:

(Mr Turtle) #13

I love that! I’ve only just bought him a mug though, I wish I’d seen this before! I’m sure I’ll pop over later in the year for someone else’s present :slight_smile:

(Mr Turtle) #14

@JAustenJewelleryDesign That is really lovely but I have to stick to my price range sadly :confused:
@littleRamstudio I know, it’s such a shame! That’s really cute, I’d quite like that for myself!
@FarUpNorth I’ll pop over now and take a look :slight_smile:

(Angela R Connah) #15

Unfortunately I don’t have anything to offer you from my own shop but how about this cycling related keyring for £5 from Abundant Glass…

(Natalie Ofkants) #16

I have lots of items in my shop that make great gifts for men, a pretty ocean jasper gemstone keyring perhaps?

Natalie x

(by John) #17

I would love to receive that glass caravan - luv it!

(Joy Salt) #18

Thanks John. We have a Tandy McLouis Motorhome, not a caravan, so we have a glass ‘replica’ which I hang in the window as soon as we arrive on site.

NB: it’s a real pain when we change motorhome as I have to make another suncatcher to match :slight_smile:

(Mr Turtle) #19

Thanks everyone :smile:
@NOfkantsCurios can you link your shop please? I can’t find it (sorry, I’m new to Folksy!)
@JOYSofGLASS I love the caravan, I think it’s fab! Sadly my Dad won’t appreciate it as it’s a decorative item :confused: Thank you anyway :smile:

(Natalie Ofkants) #20

Hi, this is my shop link:

Not sure why my clickable piccie link is not working!

Natalie x