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Feeling cheated ;)

There I was … waiting for the day … the moment … when I would make my 100th sale, the drumrole and the delight of gazing at that magical number. 100 …

And then what happens? The counter jumps from 99 to 101 … sone spoil-sport has ordered two items. Sigh. Serves me right for seeking precarious pleasures.

Now I have to pay … taking my long-suffering family out to dinner. :smile:

Not complaing really. It feels good when a milestone is reached :saxophone::sunflower::fries:


Congrats! do you still get a Folksy congrats email for 100 sales?

Thanks Deborah. Just looked at your shop. Love your work!
In answer to your question, yes the lovely robot sprang into action and sent me a message immediately. Did you get the same treatment when you passed 900? Or do you have to wait for the big three zeros??

Well done! Loving your cups an saucers in particular - right up my street x

Well done, congratulations! :slight_smile:

Thanks, no nothing at 900 roll on the big 000 x

I’ve never ever had a congrats email so I think the answer is no

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What a beautiful shop you have! Congrats on passing your 100 milestone. I’m hoping to get there myself in the not-too-distant future (currently on 88). Well done.

Thanks Helen. 88 has crept up to 92. Getting closer. :))) love your cushions :slight_smile:

Thanks … still celebrating … ;))

Congratulations, I love reaching a personal milestone, x

Yup :slight_smile: got one the other day YAY!

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