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Fimo help please

I need to make little eggs for a project and Ive decided the only way I can get the size I want is to make them myself. I was thinking Fimo may be the best way.
I need them about 1cm big.
Can Fimo be left to air dry? Will it be hard after that or do I have to bake it?
Id like to cover it in glue/glitter/decoupage, does it take well to these treatments?

You have to bake fimo, you can get an air dry clay but if you want to cover in glue and glitter etc it may be better to do paper mache eggs. Just roll the size you want with kitchen foil then cover with tissue and pva.
Loo roll works quite well too instead of foil. They are hard when dry and can be painted etc.

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Great idea, thanks. Il give it a go tonight.

I like Jan’s idea. Fimo has to be oven baked and always seems to be a bit smelly even after that. I much prefer the feel and smell of papier mache.

Love Sam x

I gave the paper mache idea a go and it worked well.
I had a good tidy up yesterday and found some modrock, so I cut up tiny pieces, wet it and rolled it into an egg shape which worked well too.

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Its a bad picture but this is the bird box half made, you may be able to see the half glittered little eggs at the bottom. I need to make a nest using the twigs in the forground before I put it altogether.


Looks lovely :slightly_smiling:

On the fimo subject… I’ve never had smelly fimo!

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I love using Polymer Clay. You can add so many things to it, but always just check what’s safe to use before baking.
I’ve started to add some gold leaf foil for a lovely crackled effect.
I’ve not had any problems with my clay smelling after baking.
I use Premo Sculpey as I find it the strongest for jewellery projects.
I do like Fimo, but I find it harder to condition.