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Finding it difficult to work out how the Shop Talk forum works

(Emily Clayton) #1

Hi everyone, I feel bad to say that I don’t use the Forum enough but that is because I don’t really know my way around it. When I want to join a conversation, I don’t see any clear guideline on how to do that…any help welcome please!
Thanks x

(Donna) #2

Hi Emily,
Just dive in, we’re a friendly bunch here :smile:and won’t mind you joining in any of the threads.
Just click reply at the bottom of the thread :smile:
Donna x

(Karen Ellam) #3

Yep the more the merrier :smiley:


(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Click on the reply button on the end of a thread then up comes the box to type into then once you’ve typed what you want to say/ask click on the blue and white reply.

If you want to join in any of the promoting threads in the Showcase part of the forum just read the first post to see what to do.

Ask questions if your not sure and someone will try to help

oh yes the forum is set up into different parts/categories or like chapters in a book. Just click on the little arrow next to categories and it will give you a drop down menu to all the different categories ie Showcase, Shop Talk etc etc. Then click on one of those section and it will take you to all the threads in that section .

At the top of each categorie/section it tells you what type subjects to talk about in that section ie each category/section has helpful posting guidelines.

all the best

(Emily Clayton) #5

Thanks so much Eileen, I will defo make more of an effort to “Talk” always nice to get advice and hear other crafters stories. All the best for sales x

(Emily Clayton) #6

Thanks Donna, I should have done this a long time ago - need all the help I can get - good luck with sales x

(Margaret Jackson) #7

If you don’t know what category to start a thread in, just leave it uncategorised and someone will put it in the correct category for you. Dive in and enjoy the forum, it’s fun! :smile:

(Emily Clayton) #8

Thanks Louisa - will defo see me on here more often. Well as much as I can as I have a full time job during the week but make time to do crafts during the week and weekends as well. So nice to talk to like minded crafters x

(Emily Clayton) #9

Thanks Karen - speak soon x