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25% off to help me celebrate!

(Natalie Ofkants) #1

It is my 22nd wedding anniversary today, so until midnight tonight, I would like to offer 25% off on everything on my shop! including sale items! to be refunded via PayPal upon completion of payment.

Come help me celebrate!

Natalie x

(Adien Crafts) #2

Many Congratulations Natalie and hubby!!

(Christine Shephard) #3


I notice this post is ‘uncategorised’…we should have a category on here for ‘offers & promotions’, but there doesn’t seem to be one. Is it only @SianFolksy that can create categories? Would it be a good idea to force a category selection when adding a new topic, otherwise we might end up with a lot of uncategorised ones.

(Little Ramstudio) #4

Think this sort of thread is a ‘Showcase’ one :slight_smile:

If you go to categories and click on Showcase it gives a summary of what type of thread belongs there.

(Christine Shephard) #5

I don’t think it really fits the ‘showcase’ category, that’s more about showing your work, like a gallery. I think we need a separate one for special offers, sales, discounts etc. What do others think?

Edited - yep, just read the description of ‘showcase’ and it fits there.

(Nifty) #6

hmmm - wonder if others might think that at first ciesse?

(Margaret Jackson) #7

Congrats on your anniversary Natalie!

Definitely one for the Showcase forum. Showcase sounds much more interesting than ‘promotions’ I think.

(Natalie Ofkants) #8

Sorry if I have caused any offence I did not think I had out this thread any particular category, not sure how to link to the individual categories as yet. I just opened a new topic. How do I put it in a particular forum/category?

Natalie x

(Sian ) #10

(Oops, posted that from the wrong account, bound to happen!)

Hi Natalie!

No problem! I’m sorry (@ciesse as well) - it probably wasn’t clear that we’d renamed the Promotions category. We talked about it here last week, but I’ll try to make it more obvious somewhere!

When you create a new topic you should see a dropdown menu to select the category next to where you type in your topic title.

I’ve deliberately allowed people to create uncategorised topics so we can tell if there are any categories missing. I’ll come in and categorise them for the time being but users at Level 3 will be able to do that too (not long now, hopefully!)

I think you can probably edit the topic to move it to a category yourself but as it’s Friday night (wooo - not really, I’ll be staying in and watching Gardeners’ World) I’ll move this topic to Showcase for you :slight_smile:

Oh and congrats @NOfkantsCurios on your anniversary yesterday!

(Nifty) #11

I wondered why there could be “uncategorised” but that makes perfect sense now. Clever way to find out what’s lacking!
And I’m sure nobody was taking offence nofkants!

(Margaret Jackson) #12

Absolutely no offence at all! Just trying to provide guidance to those who aren’t used to it here yet