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Finger on the pulse!

(Stevenbowlerdesigns) #1

Typed in Folksy, got the front page; before me, a photographic banner of a ‘crafter’ at work in their workshop, super.
I click on the banner to take a peek inside the advertised shop (a bridal shop, pertinent as I’m to be married soon) but, on arrival I find the shop is empty, out of stock and the apology; ‘Oops’.
This has happened 3 times now!
Well done Folksy for advertising/showcasing empty spaces.
I naturally take a nosy around others’ shops, having one myself, but if I were simply looking to buy, would viewing empty shops nudge me towards looking elsewhere? Another site, perhaps? DEAD RIGHT IT WOULD!
Finger on the pulse, Folksy? This mistake has been right before you for at least a week now, in great and bright photographic detail! Finger up your nose, maybe.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #2

oh my now that is just bad it makes it look like folksy is empty :frowning:

When it’s not and there are so many lovely shops all full of great items ready for sale.

(Liz Clark) #3

To be fair there are other banners where the shops are stocked. But perhaps it’s worth contacting Folksy and letting them know. When Folksy used them as a banner they may well have been stocked and may have since sold out.

(Stevenbowlerdesigns) #4

Sold out? They still have stock on facebook and etsy etc! Sold out? NO. Rundown? YES!

(Claire Davis) #5

Lots of the items are ‘sold out’ if you go onto the favourite finds bit on the unsigned in home page. I reckon they could do with replacing them with things that are available to buy, who wants to see things that they can’t buy?!

(Leanne Woods) #6

Folksy asked a selection of shops back in May if they could provide a photo for a new banner for the front page … I think the idea was that if it proved successful (enough customers clicking on the banners) then more shops would be asked for “at work” photos.

I was asked for one but as I was planning on emptying my shop and closing up for a while I didn’t think it was fair to send one in … I wouldn’t like to think that any sellers with plans on closing or running down stock levels would have sent one for use, folksy only planned on having a handful of banners to begin with and those spots should really have been taken up by sellers with longterm plans for their folksy shops.

Perhaps those banners aren’t performing as well as hoped, not just them linking to empty shops but just not drawing the clicks from the get go and admin haven’t decided what to replace the banner space with.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #7

I have just found a sale from Thursday by chance in my e-mail (I don’t know how it was missed.) I had no notification from Folksy and was so cross at the damage this could do me, I have deleated all my items for sale.

(Denise Milward) #8

I don’t understand why items that have been recently sold still come up on the category pages . sSeems a wasted opportunity to add someone else’s new offerings. Same old items too,seem to have permanent bookings and the descriptions of some of them would put me off the whole Folksy site. A least believable one describes a pair of earrings as made of macrame string and beads. No materials,no specs of the actual ear wires, no colours,no My inspiration. Nothing to spark any interest or curiosity (other than,How much??)
Maybe ought to set up Folksy classifications according to levels of description and possible interaction with maker/ buyer caused by similar feelings about say,materials (e.g. I love wool to work with but can’t wear it usually. For this rather special woollen piece I’ve put a special lining layer which stops the allergic reaction)
If buyers don’t want to engage that’s fine, but a bit of fellow-feeling,that we sellers are not elevated gods of our trade but fairly ordinary people who share their expertise in a casual but professional way, would make me a more interested buyer.
Nuff ranting!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9


I didn’t get folksy emails either for ages but you still get a paypal email.

If you are not getting emails from folksy then email admin they’ll sort it out in a day like they did for me.

(Liz Clark) #10

The shop I was looking at says they are on a short break over at “the other site” too. And their FB hasn’t been updated for months.

Whatever the reason, which we don’t know, and may be personal, why not flag it with admin so they can address it? Wouldn’t that be a better solution? You could take the opportunity and get a photo of you at work and send that in as a replacement. :smile:

(Stevenbowlerdesigns) #11

A short break? Back after 20th August; this ‘short break’ is 8 months long! Or ended 4 months ago!
I’m off to book a short break, I could do with a rest.

(Liz Clark) #12

For all we know that short break may mean illness for example. We just don’t know.

(Sian ) #13

The out of stock shop has now been removed. If you spot anything else like this in future, could you please report it to us at so that we can fix it.

(Sian ) #14

If you are not receiving emails from Folksy, please email us at so that we can investigate.

(Sian ) #15

If you would like to submit a banner for the front page, we would love to see them so that we can consider them to be featured.

Please submit images to us at along with your shop name/URL

Images must:

  • Be in landscape format, and at least 1440 pixels wide
  • Have a resolution of at least 140dpi
  • Show you in your studio or working on one of your products.

Please note that submission does not guarantee that you will be featured. Image quality is the key, both in the banner image that you submit and in the product photographs in your shop.

For tips on images, please see this blog post:

(Sian ) closed #16