Folksy Ltd

First Item Sold!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

Just to say Hello to everyone and to tell you all my excellent news!
Only joined folksy short while ago and sold a patchwork tote bag already ! So pleased!
Not used to posting on here so any tips appreciated.
Feel free to browse Cottage Crafts 140 .
I will be at Chesterfield Artisan Sunday,and Buxton Pavilion Gardens on Monday.!
Happy Easter everyone.:smile::smile:


Congratulations on your first sale - hope there are many more to come :slight_smile:

Yay congratulations and to many more. :grinning:

Congratulations! Onto more orders!

Thank you :+1:

Congratulations that’s great news :grinning:

Congratulations, here’s to many more :slight_smile:

Congratulations, well done that’s lovely news,

Congratulations and good luck with your shop! :grinning:

Congratulations and well done! :grinning:

Ahh what a wonderful moment, enjoy it and here’s to many more!

Congratulations. It’s a great feeling. Liz.

Congratulations! Great news. :smiley:

Welcome and Congratulations. :smile:

Congratulations! Hope it’s the start of many’

Well done on your sale :slight_smile:

Well done on your sale, it boosts our self esteem :grin: