Folksy Ltd

First sale on folksy. yipee

(Quillextra) #1

I am so excited my first sale on Folksy, 2 cards to the same lady. I spent ALL Sunday re-tagging and re-categorising and it seems to have paid off.

(flowersandfrolics) #2

Ooh well done you! I have yet to make a sale. When you say re tagging do you mean you changed your keywords? I think I need to look into that.

(Sarah Lambert) #3

Congratulations! I love your parrots :smiley:

(Faye Huxham) #4

lovely I think Folksy is a wonderful place to sell on and so unique.

(Annmarie Ison) #5

@Quillextra Great news, well done… Heres to many more sales.

(CopperTobi) #6

Congratz!!! Great news!

(Karen Ellam) #7

Congratulations. Here’s to many more :blush: :beers:


(Louise Grace Jewellery) #8

Fantastic news, congrats :smiley:

(Stephanie Pearce) #9

We’ve got 15 keywords now instead of 5 :slight_smile:

(flowersandfrolics) #10

Ah, obviously worth doing then!

(Quillextra) #11

Hi Everyone, thank you all so much for celebrating with me. So hopefully Onward and Upward.

(Quillextra) #12

Thank you Sarah I love Parrots too so colourful and Cheeky.

(Quillextra) #13

Hi, Flowers and Frolics when I started I did greeting cards, but at the craft fairs I found Animals, Birds etc. sold very quickly. I started to concentrate on those and rather left the Ribbons and Bows behind. I suddenly realised that I was actually in a different category, plus Quilling isn’t very well known so few people will actually search for Quilling which is what I was relying on . So I had a look at what sort of tags the Artists use also Animals is a good category. I still left quilling in but added Artists, Animals, Pets etc. it gets repetative but it seems to reach a wider audience. Perhaps fashion, fabric, make up bags , sewing, floral,flirty skirts you get the idea think outside the box as they say. Good Luck

(Kam) #14

Awesome! Congratulations :grin:

(flowersandfrolics) #15

Thanks so much for your suggestions, I hadn’t thought of some of those, I will give it a try!

(Patricia Smith) #16

Congratulations - the first sale is always the hardest one!

(Oh Button Me) #17

Yay congratulations love your cards

(LynnroseDesigns) #18

Well done :slight_smile: x

(Quillextra) #19

Thank you all very much for your congrats, it’s so nice to celebrate with people who know how difficult it is to get noticed and make a sale. Good Luck Everyone

(AvenueFurnishings) #20

Congratulations. First sale is such a lovely feeling. Looking forward to hearing you’ve had many more! X