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First sale

(Heavenlyfountainslittleextras) #1

Yay I have my first sale, I can’t believe it when I’ve been getting one view a day :slight_smile:

(Sarah Lambert) #2

Haha congratulations- one view is all you need :grinning:

(PaulsJewels) #3

Congrats! Here’s to good reviews and many more sales.

(Louise Foot) #4

Brilliant - congratulations on your first. My Folksy views are always rubbish (averaging about 12) but the sales do come in. Your items are very pretty


Congratulations on your first sale! Wishing you lots more success with your lovely shop.

Natasha x

(Rachel Ward) #6

:slight_smile: Congratulations! x

(Heavenlyfountainslittleextras) #7

:slight_smile: thank you all

(bluebellwoodturning) #8

Oh well done . I like the Wedding box idea people are always looking for something different for that special day, a thought struck me though what are the box dimensions, this might be something buyers would like to know ?. Also I assume the hearts are plain and guests write onto them but what type of pen is suitable? again I find if you can provide the whole package sales may improve, although I,m still a novice myself to all this online stuff.

best wishes


(Karen Ellam) #9

Congrats on your first sale :blush:

Here’s to many more :beers:


(ABENI) #10


(Lorraine Burt) #11

Well done! still waiting for mine but I’ve only just joined. Did it take long for your first sale?

(Heavenlyfountainslittleextras) #12

Hi about 3 weeks, it was one of my products that had been added to the gifts for him. I didn’t expect it to be honest as I only tend to get 2 view a day. So really happy :slight_smile: good luck with your shop

(Heidi Meier) #13

Congratulations - great news! :grinning:

(Tina Martin) #14

Congratulations, here’s to many more! :slight_smile:

(Annmarie Ison) #15

congratulations, heres to many more sales :grinning:

(Needlestitched) #16