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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - AUGUST 2018

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #261

Loving those hematite beads Natalie @NOfkantsCurios.
Congrats on getting the permanent job Helen @PocketfulCreations and great that you can continue to craft in the afternoons.
Well I got totally mesmerised by your fabulous blog Sasha @SashaGarrett - a wonderful read.
All loved and pinned to here

(Sarah Bell) #262

Hi all!

That’s a great blog post @SashaGarrett reallly interesting :slight_smile:

Liked and pinned to here, bed now I think!
A new listing from me.


(Max Pring) #263

Good morning sorry Sue @SueTrevor, sale now added and an extra happy dsnce for you :dancer: also a sale for me too :slight_smile: :dancing_women:

Great blog Sasha @SashaGarrett and fab to put a face to the name :slight_smile: and it’s wonderful to see your work on the front page :slight_smile:

I don’t want to go to work today my mini kiln is arriving so I can’t wait to have a play, I got a small bag of silver clay just to start as I’m trying to wait until after my class next Tuesday before ordering any more so that I know what I’m buying, so impatient though lol :joy:

Hope you managed to catch up on sleep Sarah @SarahDesignsUK, not fun being tired in charge of busy kiddies :wink:

Hope you are feeling better today Brenda @teabreaks sending you a hug :hugs:

Enjoy your company Caroling @carolinefrodsham

Well done on the Folks Fave Colleen @MidnightStarDesigns :slight_smile:

Hope you are recovered today Carol @Knittingtopia

Glad to hear you are feeling better Pauline @PollysWares138 and thank you for all your hard work with promotion of everyone, it’s much appreciated :slight_smile:

Congratulations Helen @PocketfulCreations on your permanent job :confetti_ball:

(Roz) #264

Good morning

Great read Sasha @SashaGarrett - looks like being a featured seller is quite a lot of work in terms of photos and words! Makes me quite glad I’ve never been chosen - wouldn’t have a clue what to say!

Well done on the job front Helen @PocketfulCreations, sounds ideal - I keep thinking I need to get a job but have no idea what I would be qualified to do - I’ve been out of the job market for so long. I think the last time I was employed by someone (rather than self employed) was before my children were born and my eldest is 22 now!

Dont really know whats wrong with me at the moment, I just cant seem to motivate myself to get on with anything much, not just the crafting but anything at all - I just seem to be drifting through the days not doing anything at all. Maybe its the weather! I did manage to finish this kingfisher yesterday but that was the sum total of my productivity!

(Sharon Halmshaw) #265

Good morning everyone :slight_smile: My new listing for today is these pretty fingerless gloves I have made so many of these I think I could make them in my sleep :rofl:

Thanks you to everyone for all your help since I opened particularly @MaxPringJewellery @Knittingtopia and @SarahDesignsUK , everyone here is awesome :slight_smile:

Right I best get cracking as I have more photos to edit and list and a Post Office trip this morning :slight_smile: xxx

(Sue) #266

Morning all,
Thanks Max, I think sales might be quite sparse this month, so every one counts!
Sasha, @SashaGarrett what a lovely blog post, and lovely to see you too. It does look like hard work, I hope it generates some sales, your work is beautiful. And you’re such a helpful person to have on the forums too, you give such great advice.
Roz @OrchardFelts it surely has to be the weather that’s responsible for your lack of motivation. I can hardly get anything done, I feel so lethargic, I wonder how people keep going! I applied for some jobs after a similar period of time to you, if not longer. Interestingly, despite only being self employed for so long, I had several interviews, only to find out later that the jobs were mostly spoken for anyway! However, I’m now really glad I didn’t go down that route, I’ve been self employed so long, I’d hate to be employed! Just keep on going, and enjoy :grin:
I’m wondering whether I should keep a weekly planner again like I did when my children were growing up, with things that had to be done on one page, and things I wanted to get done on another page.and I took great delight in crossing them off when completed. Does anyone else do this? I’d be interested to know how other people keep themselves motivated.
Today’s listing

(Brenda Cumming) #267

a relist from me today

(Martin Shackleton) #268

A miniature vase from me today,

(Homegrownhats) #269

They look like gorgeous blackberries!

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #270

Morning! At last a new listing from me!

(Midnight Star Designs) #271

Morning all x Aw big congrats @SashaGarrett Sasha, great article and your work is stunning, hope you get loads of sales and exposure!

Heres mine for today

(Sharon Thompson) #272

A relist today while getting some new items ready. Three different sizes available.

( Carol ) #273

Good morning.

I’m a lot less achy today thanks Max @MaxPringJewellery.

We have yet another weather warning for rain and storms later this afternoon. We’ve had warnings on and off for weeks not but nothing ever materialises.

I finally have a new item to show :slight_smile:

(Cynthia Brock) #274

Hi Sue @Sue Trevor - I keep myself motivated by looking at all the materials and beads I have accumulated over the years and thinking “must use all this stuff up before I drop off the perch”!!

(Cynthia Brock) #275

We’re still in the grip of a heatwave here in Kent but cooler weather is expected tomorrow. It’s too hot in my conservatory (workroom) to make anything so here is another re-list.

(PollysWares138) #276

Morning All

Feeling much brighter today as I didn’t have pains in my legs last night so slept all through.

Great to put a face to your name @SashaGarrett great blog

Today’s offering is a beaded Christmas tree decoration, hope it’s not too early for the C word.

( Valerie Dockerty) #277

Morning everyone a new listing today a copper heart pendant
Beautiful Kingfisher Roz @OrchardFelts
Great blog Sasah @SashaGarrett
Congratulations on your job Helen @PocketfulCreations

(Sally Lucas) #278

Mor … Afternoon,

Nothing new yet today but I have a sparkling oven, washing on the line and tried my new vacuum cleaner. Oh dear, it needed emptying after doing just the hallway, picking much more than my old hoover.

Didn’t say it before but congratulations @SashaGarrett wishing you many sales. I started August with a sale please @MaxPringJewellery

So, a cheeky realist

(carolinefrodsham) #279

Afternoon all . Have grabbed a second; but only to relist these :disappointed: Things to finish staring at me on the table . Perhaps tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:
Have a good day all . Raining here …
Your featured maker blog is great Sasha @SashaGarrett I am sure it will bring extra interest to your work . Well done on the hard work completing all that :smiley:

(Brenda Cumming) #280

help…I actually just got my Bill from Folksy…are admin having problems?. I clicked on the “pay Here” button AND got the page unfound. notice…SO I tried again…same thing, so I went through my folksy shop and was able to pay my bill.
I got the email saying that it has been paid…and under BILL, is says nothing is now due, but on my dashboard it shows that I still owe the outstanding amount?..
Should I just wait or contact admin?