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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - FEBRUARY 2019

(Chris Stone) #341

Thanks. I am feeling smug that the subject matter is recognisable.:smiley:

(Verchielbeadsandjewellery) #342

Back from our break away in Cardiff - had such a great time. Didnt realise you were so close to Cardiff Max @MaxPringJewellery and Brenda @teabreaks. Now that the bridge toll has gone, it only took us just over an hour from Wootton Bassett. One of our fav places to go. Heres a few pics of us looking a bit wind swept and my partner tucking into a mahoosive hot choc

- apologies if you have seen them already on facebook!

(Chris Stone) #343

Loved and pinned.
Congrats to all those with sales @valerie, @AliDufty (delightful desk tidy) and @thedotterypotter
Good luck with the move @OrchardFelts.

(Roz) #344

Yes Sarah @thedotterypotter, my sister is moving about a mile away so will still be very close and I’m sure I will still see quite a lot of her especially when her husband goes away (which happens quite a bit) as, unlike me, she hates being on her own and now all her children have flown the nest I will be the next best thing!

Think I better go to bed soon - its just taken me about half an hour to read about 10 posts and write this paragraph - I keep falling asleep!

(Natalie Ofkants) #345

Take care and sleep well Roz! X

(Catherine Spencer) #346

Good Evening. Here is today’s listing.

(Claire Mead) #347

Hi everyone, just popping in and out. I haven’t got my shop open at the moment but I’m still pinning and loving lots of new items - hope it helps. Speak to you all soon, Claire xx

(Kim Onyskiw) #348

@Knittingtopia I was starting to think I was the only shower fan here! I only get tempted by a bath if I’m feeling ill and achey… but even then, as it’s a shower bath I sometimes just put the plug in and sit under the shower to slowly fill it up because I like the feeling of the falling water.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments about my work being featured :blush:
There were lots more things I wanted to comment on but it’s too late for thinking now! Late catch up after a busy day.

Here’s my mini painting for today

(Roz) #349

Hello again.
Plan of action today is to revisit the house armed with a tape measure! Although it is 3 bedroom rather than the 2 I have now the rooms are a lot smaller so it feels like I am downsizing! Am hoping the outhouse will make a suitable workshop because if not then I have no idea where I am going to be able to do my felting, might have to get creative with space or just stick to felting smaller pieces until my daughter moves on later in the year.
My listing for today

( Carol ) #350

Good morning

(MadeintheTemple) #351

Morning all, a little pyramid purse is today’s listing.
Sending hugs to everyone that needs one today and a belated welcome to @PhotoFairytales

(Karen Lonergan) #352

Morning all! Sorry I missed yesterday, had one of my regular tummy issues which made me feel generally meh… back to normality now, didn’t eat all day, but managed a GnT last night hahaha that seemed to help!!

All caught up to here! Loving your little car @TheChrisArtist the needle case @OrchardFelts (good luck with move!) soooo many gorgeous makes, from you talented bunch

OMG the hot chocolate is huge … looks very naughty but divine!! @Verchielbeadsandjewellery - glad you had a good time away!

Here is my listing today (reduced for today only!)

(Max Pring) #353

Good morning yay happy dancing for sales Deborah, Alid and Carol :slight_smile: :dancer:

Been watching U-Tube videos on silver clay all morning so that’s todays plan get my clay out and get busy! have a good day everyone

(Chris Stone) #354

Love the card @cathscards.
Beautiful little painting @konyskiw.
Groovy purse @MadeintheTemple.
Gorgeous pendant @TheCornishHare. Glad you are feeling better today.
Love your pendant and ACEO @MaxPringJewellery .
A new listing today, watercolour of a summer flower meadow.

(Lynn Britton) #355

Good morning all.
Many thanks for all the positive vibes for hubby’s results.
Sending hugs for those that are poorly or in pain, plus anyone who would just like a hug.
Loving the wild flower meadow Chris @TheChrisArtist. So, so many gorgeous goodies on this thread.
Some earrings from me

(Brenda Cumming) #356

good morning all…today I have an aceo watercolour

(Jeanie Hansford) #357

New born, yellow jacket …Baby shower??

(Thedotterypotter) #358

Good Morning :slight_smile:

Love your meadow today @TheChrisArtist, it’s my favourite of all your paintings so far :slight_smile:

Mr DP still chucking up through the night…I’ve been boil washing and bleaching everything in sight! Only had 4 hours sleep again! Zzzzzzz

Enjoy your day playing with your silver clay Max @MaxPringJewellery…look forward to seeing what you come up with x

My listing today is:

(Chris Stone) #359

Thanks Sarah. Flowery things aren’t usually my thing but it’s good to step out of your comfort zone sometimes, especially when it turns out OK.

(Sarah Thexton) #360

Thanks so much for getting it in the post today, really appreciated! My daughter is just about to go through her gcse’s, then she’s off to do A levels at college… I’m not sure who wants her exams to be over the most: me or her! I’m sure I don’t remember them being this stressful back in my day! She said last night that she’s ‘nervecited’ about the interview (nervous/excited - her newly invented word!), but she’s soooo ready to leave school I think and be on her way. We’re going to take her out to dinner after her interview and I want to give her your lovely bowl as a ‘well done for getting through the interview’ pressie! :slight_smile: x