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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - June 2018

(Max Pring) #1

Hello and welcome the Folksy 365 Daily Listing challenge and to all those taking part :). Joining in is super easy just:-

  • List your item and add your link, either just the URL copied and pasted or use the upload button to add a clickable picture.
  • Click on all of the links to view each other’s items, to ensure we all have good viewing figures Promote in whatever way you can/are able to and use the #Folksy365 tag to help other members find you. Promotion of everyone else is not compulsory, but we do appreciate it, pin, blog, share, tweet, like, whatever you can do to get the word out about Folksy is great
  • Let us know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate and happy dance with you.
  • You must be prepared to join in regularly throughout the month - missing the odd day is fine and of course joining in for part month is fine also, we understand not everyone can be here very single day, but please do not ‘post and run’.

I will endeavour to keep a tally of the month’s sales. Please let me know if I miss any. Sorry! Only Folksy sales can be added to the tally but happy to hear about and celebrate outside successes with you.

Shared promotion opportunities:-
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Help to get seen on social media add #Folksy365, #newonfolksy #folksyshop #folksy

Total sales May 159

Life Covers 4
Gweddus Art 27
Zo Sew & Knit 1
Orchard Felt 1
Max Pring Art & Crafts 4
Max Pring Jewellery 4
Sasha Garrett 1
Jennies Gems 11
Dottery Pottery 56
Kernow Claire 1
Beadstorm 4
The Card Jeanie 1
N Ofkants Curios 3
Pocketful Creations 6
Heidi Meier Textiles 6
Elly Rowbotham Printmaker 3
Deborah Jones Jewellery 7
Martin Shackleton Ceramics 1
Verchiel Beads & Jewellery 3
The Card Jeanie 1
Sue Trevor 5
Ali Dufty 2
That Enamel Guy 3
Roses Workshop 3
Pods & Plunder 1

Total 159

(Max Pring) #2

Good morning, sorry for late start with the new thread this morning, a few technical issues this morning!, photo’s are not loading and I’ve been sorting out packages for posting, hubby is being a star today and doing a post office run as I’m away on my course, last day yay! Wishing you all a happy sales filled June :slight_smile:

here’s my listings, hope they get the pics sorted soon, it’s frustraing when I only have a little bit of time in the morning to list before going to work :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Roz) #3

Happy new month! Heres hoping things will pick up a bit in June - sales have been pretty well non existent recently.

Not sure I am going to get anything much done until my daughter returns to Uni on Monday - good job I’ve got a few items to share with you to keep me going until then :slight_smile:

Starting the month with an old favourite

(EllyRowbothamPrintmaker) #4

Happy new month from me also! I’m kicking off with my Daises!! Am hoping to get a good number of new designs out this month :crossed_fingers:

…some images seem to’ve gone AWOL from Folksy…weird…

Here’s to a good June, all…:slightly_smiling_face:

(Brenda Cumming) #5

Good morning all…more trouble downloading the pics this morning…I tried a few times…
Success at last…
Happy June,…
We are in the clouds today…
Today I have a 7x5 watercolour landscape…

(Julie Lewis) #6

Good Morning Everyone,
A small greetings card today with butterflies.
Still feels stormy here, perhaps sun will appear later.
Hope June goes well for everyone.
Best Wishes Adrianx

(Martin Shackleton) #7

Morning all, the 1st of June! I managed to glaze 10 mugs yesterday amongst other things, I’m not sure when I’ll fire them.
Today’s listing is another miniature pot, which don’t sell on here! But do in real life… I’m not sure how I can change that… my parents also made miniature pots, and they sold well too.

(Sasha Garrett) #8

I’m hoping that no one will mind if I join in for a few days and then go into lurk mode whilst the A levels are on and then come back afterwards?
I decided to be good and finish the bowlerite pieces before I started on the fordite one even though my bullion turned up. I’ll do some better photos when (if) the sun shows up these don’t do it justice (and I need to hide the blutac in my rock stack).

(Rosesworkshop) #9

This is my last one as Roses Workshop for a while, as my Plus account on that shop expires. I don’t sell many woolly hats and tea cosies in June/July anyway, so I’ll renew and add new listings in the autumn.
Meanwhile I usually make and sell loads of felt stuff through the summer, so the Challenge will give me a reminder to list on Folksy too :smile:

(Natalie Ofkants) #10

Hello everyone and thank you Max for keeping the thread going strong!

My item today is something for my supplies section, a pretty Iridescent full Polished Ammonite fossil specimen.

Natalie x

(Sally Lucas) #11

Afternoon all, waiting on the storm to arrive :umbrella:

Here’s my first for the month.

One sale to start off the tally please Max @MaxPringJewellery

(Thatenamelguy) #12

Thanks you Max @MaxPringJewellery for keeping the thread running.
Well, I’m back, like I said I would be; relisting, like I said I would be

(Thedotterypotter) #13

Martin @MartinShackletonCeramics…I know that you have put teeny little flowers in your vases but I think from a buyer’s perspective, it it still fairly hard to guage their actual size.
Could you maybe do a little set up where you have a well know object alongside them? Could you put a few of them on a shelf together alongside one of your “normal” size vases or even a mug, to show the difference in size? I’m sure that I’ve seen you put your hand in the photo before, could you get someone to take a photo of your work in progress when you are throwing one of them to show how tiny it is up against the size of your hand? I can imagine that these sell really well at fairs as they are the kind of object that you just want to pick up and hold in your hand.

(Rachael H.) #14

Thanks for the new thread Maxine @MaxPringJewellery
Welcome back Francis @thatenamelguy. Beautiful pendant @SashaGarrett

It’s been a lovely, if humid, day here. We had a nice walk to Grantchester along the river to the tea gardens for a cream tea. Long gone are the days when we used to punt there and spend all day in the beer gardens, slowly getting tipsy!

Here’s my listing for today.

(Helen Healey) #15

It’s been very humid again today. After the Puffin, I’m continuing with the coastal theme with a Seagull.

(Helen Healey) #16

Loved and pinned to here.

(Claire Mead) #17

Hi, Here is my new listing for today

(carolinefrodsham) #18

Afternoon all . Happy June :sun_with_face:
Thought I wasn’t going to get here today. Started with mum trying to have a bath at 5am ! She can’ t even do it on her own as she has a battery operated chair to lower her in . I woke up to hear the boiler making noises and running water and got up to find her in the bathroom all in a muddle . I know many people do get up at this time but I am not one of them . Hats off to you Max @MaxPringJewellery Have been doing gardening , shopping , sorting out Power of attorney with solicitor , plus my daughter had last minute panics about evaluations and such things , she wanted me to read . Exhausted :frowning: Its been overly hot and storms are threatening .
Hope you all are ok! Nice to see you back Francis @thatenamelguy and Sarah’s advice sounds good about the miniature pots Martin @MartinShackletonCeramics I bet people do fall in love with handling them so to show a hand would be a good idea.
Have s good evening all :slightly_smiling_face:

(Martin Shackleton) #19

Yes, @thedotterypotter and @carolinefrodsham I’ve actually taken the next 3 days with flowers in them, but I will try and rephotogragh them when I find some nice hands. My mugs are being fired, fingers crossed it’s a successful firing. Then you might be inundated with mugs for a while :rofl:

(carolinefrodsham) #20

Can’t wait!:slightly_smiling_face: