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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - JULY 2019

Hello and welcome the Folksy 365 Daily Listing challenge. Taking part is really easy, just:-

  • List your item and add your link, either just the URL copied and pasted or use the upload button to add a clickable picture.
  • Click on all of the links to view each other’s items, to ensure we all have good viewing figures
  • Promote in whatever way you can/are able to. Promotion of everyone else is not compulsory, but we do appreciate it, pin, blog, share, tweet, like, whatever you can do to get the word out about Folksy is great
  • Let us know when you have a Folksy sale, so we can celebrate and happy dance with you.
  • You must be prepared to join in regularly throughout the month - missing the odd day is fine and of course joining in for part month is fine also, we understand not everyone can be here very single day, but please do not ‘post and run’.

I will endeavour to keep a tally of the month’s sales. Please let me know if I miss any. Sorry! Only Folksy sales can be added to the tally but happy to hear about and celebrate outside successes with you.

Shared promotion opportunities:-
Facebook Group
Help to get seen on social media add #newonfolksy #folksyshop #folksy #folksysellers

Total Sales for June - 223

The Dottery Potter 90
Jennies Gems 8
Max Pring Jewellery 13
Max Pring Art & Crafts 1
Gweddus 2
Wild Rose Designs 3
Orchard Felts 1
Cariad Crafts 7
Kernow Claire 5
Pocketul Creations 25
N Ofkants Curios 2
Caroles Glass 2
Verchiel Beads and Jewellery 1
The Greetings Card Shop 14
Jen Star Knits 3
Erkinwald 1
Claire Mort Artist 1
Midnight Star Designs 1
Girl of the 60’s 4
Robyn Coetzee Glass 1
Sue Trevor 10
Oruki Designs 5
Ali Dufty 4
The Card Jeanie 1
The Chris Artist 4

Total 208

Good morning everyne, wishing you all a very happy and fun filled month with lots of visits from the sales fairy month :fairy: :slight_smile:

I have a full day of training today for the day job, Upholding Professional Standards :roll_eyes: wish me luck!


Good morning all, happy July. Lovely sunny morning but it’s supposed to cloud over later…
Can’t believe we’re into July already where on earth has the beginning of the year gone.
Must get in the garden and dead head the roses today, been meaning to do it for the past few days and not got there.
Red poppies on a glasses case is my offering today.


Good morning July!


Good morning all :slight_smile: Just caught up with the posts on last months thread :wink: thank you @MaxPringJewellery for your hard work :slight_smile: Just a re-list from me today, I have new things coming soon I promise :wink: have a lovely day everyone :slight_smile: xxx


Good morning everyone…another month…
Thank you again Max for running the thread…
Well done for all those sales in June…here’s hoping for even more for July.
I am starting my month off with a touch of purple goodness…(lol)



Good Morning everyone - Happy July!
Thanks for running the thread again Max @MaxPringJewellery - absolutely love your necklace today x

My listing today is a little folk art bird:


Good morning lovely peeps x happy July to you all x Thanks @MaxPringJewellery for running the thread x legend
Heres my listing for today x Having one of those days?? Tell the world with a happy little introvert t-shirt x


not had a sale on here for AGES !! , so decided that July WILL BE the month!! (even though its not the season for knits)


Hi all. Happy July!
Sorry I disappeared last month. I just needed a break. Missed this thread though, thanks @MaxPringJewellery for hosting us x

I have a new listing for spiritual section…

All liked and pinned to here x


I have made this Petite Street fabric needle book, I just love this fabric!



Pinch Punch first of the month…and all that :joy::joy:
@MaxPringJewellery enjoy your training day :joy: @SarahDesignsUK love that pendant, and @thedotterypotter your folk bird :+1: @teabreaks you have a thing for purple :joy::joy::joy: so do I :joy: @StephanieGuy that painting cheers me up just to look at it, and @erkinwald don’t lose that in a poppy field whatever you do :joy: @ClaireMortArtist I have a step daughter that teashirt would suit :+1: Liked all and currently pinning (while waiting for an Inlay to dry :flushed::flushed:)


Happy Sunny Monday afternoon

Many thanks Max @MaxPringJewellery for keeping the thread going, all your hard work is much appreciated.

Here is a pack of thank you cards, new too!!!



My listing for today…


My listing today


Evening all, hope everyone’s well. Thanks @MaxPringJewellery for hosting, & wow that necklace! What a fab photo to have as the Pinterest cover for the month :smile:

I have some new earrings today…


Sorry late on parade, long day at work, have clicked and loved, now going back to pin.

My item for today is a pretty purple and aqua toned banded Agate keyring or Handbag Charm.

Natalie x


@JDParchmentCraftEmporium can’t seem to click on your items, saying not found.



Will try again,…


that worked Jean @JDParchmentCraftEmporium