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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - November 2021

Thanks Lynn. It’s nice to be back.


good morning all…the wind has dropped a bit now…
White rabbit everyone…
starting with a small gripe…
As you all know , most of my life I have spent with knitting and crochet and had to stop during lockdown as I couldn’t get to the post office. I am now listing crochet again and went to search “crochet baby cardigans” to see how many were on folksy…well I was shocked to find that the first few pages were KNITTING…in fairness, beautiful knitting but it wasn’t CROCHET…so anyone listing crochet appears to be at the bottom of the search?
That can’t be right can it?
anyway…grip over…moving on…I am starting the month with some ear warmers
POST FREE crochet ear warmers ( ref F 817) - Folksy


Caroline @cariadcrafts11 people like that are so slippery and if I tried to get away with half what they did, I would’ve been out of a job! I don’t miss the workplace politics either. It’s great doing my own thing after all those years of working for a big company :sweat_smile:


Thanks for your holiday well-wishes on the October thread Joss @XStitcherJoss. The weather has been pretty bad at times but we have our waterproofs and walking boots so it won’t deter us from getting out.

Just a relist from me today.

Small Purse, Coin Purse with Embroidered Umbel ... - Folksy


Good morning everyone! Happy 1st of the month :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wasn’t able to keep up last month, combination of a lot of factors and I hope you don’t mind me only joining in sporadically again this month. I’m working on a calendar for my son’s school, I have a large knitting comission, the day job, the son and also a craft fair I’m organising in a few weeks time… sleep? Who needs it!? (me in bucket loads)

Anyhow I do have a new listing to share;

Hope you all have busy month of sales ahead!


Hello Everyone! I’m chuffed to bits to be back. Had a fine time over in Ireland and was back and forth to Inverness. Overalls on now and paint brushes at the ready! I’ve listed a wee painting today I’ve called, “Wren Will I See You Again?”. Naff title but it makes me chuckle. Wishing everyone well for November. Thanks Max @MaxPringJewellery for looking after us.

Small Framed Painting of a Wren Bird (5.5 x 5.5… - Folksy


Morning, so many lovely things to see already! Thanks for keeping us in order this month Max @MaxPringJewellery . I finished a few pincushions off at the weekend - here’s the first


Yippeeeee - a sale to report please Max @MaxPringJewellery x


Morning all Firstly pinch, punch first of the month. Thank you for looking after us so well last month Natalie @NOfkantsCurios and to you Max @MaxPringJewellery for taking over this month. Don’t stay at work if you still feel unwell Natalie you know it will only take you longer to get well if you carry on working when you are not up to it.

Welcome back to lots of returning wanderers, SallyAnn @thegreetingscardshop, Helen @helenhandmade, Susan @SusanBettyArt, Karen @TheCornishHare and Jen @JenStarKnits. Hello again to all who were here last month.

There’s lot of lovely items showing here again this month already.
Today i have another beaded ring


here at last…for a while folksy wouldn’t let me sign in,I got the message…the change you wanted has been rejected…???..finally it let me in…what was that all about?
all faved to here xx
apparently s lot of others having problems now it is treating me like a new shop…no dashboard and I got sent an email saying welcome to folksy…set up your new shop …aaaaaaargh…


Beautiful artwork, Susan @SusanBettyArt :slight_smile:


Hi everyone.
So excited to be part of this challenge again. Hopefully I can stay in most of the month this time!

I made a version of this bracelet for my sister. She has two little girls and often feels overwhelmed with everything, and often questions if she is being a good mam. It breaks me when she feels this way, so I made her a healing bracelet with these crystals. She then asked me to make some for her friends, So I made one for my shop too x


I just got into my shop by clicking my shop link on here but no dashboard…all it says is “Start selling”…grrrrr


Good afternoon! And happy November

This month we are focusing on Christmas!



Lovely bracelet and sentiment x


This is lovely Susan. xxxx


Thanks Pauline for the welcome back.


I can get on here but for some reason, folksy have set me up with a new account and although I can view my real shop, there is no dashboard and I cannot do anything in my shop…admin are trying to help but it looks like I will be missing for a while…admin are now on the naughty step without cakes x


Thanks so much SallyAnn :green_heart::blush::green_heart:. It’s great to be back X


Hi again I’m back again with CfTT. I have been having even more problems this morning. For quite a while I couldn’t get into either of my shops. This is getting to be more than a joke. I agree Brenda @teabreaks admin should be on the naughty step with no cake and outside in the rain.

I am sorry Yvonne @HEARTSANDHUGS I forgot to wish you welcome in my round up with Oswestry Jewels so welcome now. Welcome back also to @Coedseren, I’m sorry I don’t know your name.

Today I have a chunky knit crew neck jumper