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Folksy 365 - Daily Listing Challenge Thread - October 2021

Max @MaxPringJewellery im so pleased for you that everything has come back ok , I know how you feel though about been left more or less still in the dark. I got both my colonoscopy results back and they said even though they couldn’t rule out something little not been found they were quite happy that no further treatment is required but that still doesn’t go anywhere near giving me answers to what is or what caused the problem in the first place that lead me to have to go for the procedures! So I feel like I’ve done full circle and I’m back where I started :slightly_frowning_face:
Hopefully once you finish the meds you’ll have no further probs …maybe we need to rest more🤔
Take care my lovely xx


All done to here now
Night night my lovelies xx


I’ve had one of those days doing boring admin stuff that I’ve put off too long, and moving stuff around looking for things. As a result I’m tired and irritable, and the house is a worse mess than before I started - grrr!
Meanwhile, here’s a new wallet:


Well it’s been a funny old day. Oh Folksy came back to say that they hope to have better systems in place soon and they defo don’t give the scammers 2nd chances… I know, it’s just a shame the 1st chance is too long.

Anyway in all the excitement I didn’t get much done and forgot to list one of the things I made yesterday so here’s something I made last week - more of a remake really.

Here’s hoping for less drama tomorrow and wishing everyone well :grinning:



Heya… Oooh looks like I missed the drama… Blimey, talk about cheek. Folksy has been advertising for new shops, so I’m guessing that’s why there’s so many fake shops opening up at the mo.

Anyhoos, I am feeling much better, surprisingly, I rather expected to be feeling meh for longer, my housemate is still suffering a couple of weeks on. My energy levels are still low tho I did make it to the studio this after noon. :blush::blush:. So thank you to for all the well wishing :purple_heart::green_heart::purple_heart:

Mind, after wrapping some orders up, I thought I’d make a start on painting my Festive decorations… And just stared at the blank clay shapes… And what I did eventually paint is naff - thank goodness it’s, watercolour and I can wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Right it’s late and I need some kip.

Thanks again for enquiring after me :two_hearts::two_hearts:

Congrats on everyone whose had sales. :+1::+1:.

Glad to read the ex is home and doing OK @stephshortstationery

@MaxPringJewellery hope you get some answers soon.

Night night


Ooo jacq @Bythecrookofmyhook …. about my ex been back at home ….that’ll be a surprise for Billy !! Ha ha​:joy::joy::rofl:


Glad you are feeling a bit better Jacq @Bythecrookofmyhook

My listing for today, after these mitten sold before I could showcase them, I made another pair. Fingerless mittens in Connemara tweed yarn that match a hat I listed a few days ago.

And have relisted this pretty Amazon it’s gemstone keyring or handbag charm.

Natalie x


Morning all.

Pleased one of the shops is sorted but the jacket remains!

Another new listing today



Back to work for the weekend today so I won’t be around much.
Managed to get a few makes started yesterday but nothing finished so here is one that’s been around a while but not shared on here before.



Good morning all, awe thanks for all the support this thread is truly amazing. I had the same Jen @JenStarKnits with the first episode of gastritis just over a year ago and found I was intolerant to lactose, soya, onions and garlic so changed my diet and it was going okay but I noticed a few months ago I was getting the odd stomach pain again but thought it was just something I had eaten with one of those in but then I had the second episode of gastritis, thought it was bug at first but it went on for too long, I have been reading up on a low FODMAP diet devised by Kings College London and downloaded their app yesterday so I’m going to give that a try and see how that goes. It’s very frustrating Stephanie @stephshortstationery isn’t it, hope you get some answers soon too xx

We have the grandchildren after school/nursery today and overnight so I probably won’t get back until toorrow afternoon, no news on Ashley’s parents little dog yet other than they haven’t been able to operate yet.

Glad you are on the mend Jacq @Bythecrookofmyhook :slight_smile:



Morning all. Overcast and chilly again this morning.
All viewed and loved to here.
Hugs to all those in need (or want) a hug.
Mitts from me today


Wishing everyone a happy weekend and another pyramid purse from me today.


Morning everyone,
A new design for today’s listing!
I’ve reached 200 sales on the other side, its keeping me very busy…



Good morning all and happy Friday :slight_smile: Just a quick relist from me before my shopping delivery arrives :wink: Have a fab day all and take care :slight_smile: xxx

ladybird hat


Maxine @MaxPringJewellery I had to do fodmap last year because of a lot of issues, similar to you I had every test under the sun and they all came back clear. It’s tough to follow because you do have to be strict for about 8 to 12 weeks but it sounds like you’ve already cut out a lot of the things you need to.

For me I discovered that my body now violently hates dairy and gluten, thankfully I can tolerate everything else. I hope it goes well for you.

I have just managed to photograph and list this piece, I’ll get the other one done later


Starting today with another knitted hat
adult teenager knitted beanie slouch hat ( ref ... - Folksy


Morning all.

Glad that shop has been taken down @feelfeltfound. Very worrying turn of events.

Just about to take Millie out for her first walk now that sufficient time has passed since her vaccinations. Wonder what she’ll make of it. She’s a very anxious puppy unfortunately. We’ve got an appointment later with one of the veterinary nurses who’s very knowledgeable about dog behaviour, so hope she can help.

I’m clinging on to summer with today’s new listing :rofl:

TOT246 Seaside tote bag


Hope Millie enjoys her walk helen @PocketfulCreations - maybe all the exciting smells will override any nerves.

It’s a doorstop from me today


All loved/liked/shared to here. Yesterday I got so depressed and angry about all the rogue shops (of which I see there are yet more this morning!) that although I came on here and loved you all, I couldn’t bring myself to list. I feel invisible, but I suppose if I don’t join in I’ll be even more so! (Though how can you be more invisible than invisible?)
I spent some of yesterday making small recycled broderie Anglaise bags, originally to sell on Folksy, but Francis has laid claim to them for packaging his dishes! :blush:
So here is today’s relist: Giggling mice


Morning everyone.Where have all the sales gone this year. Never been this quiet in all the 20 years of selling. I am usually knitting from the minute I get up to gone midnight each day.

Handing Birthday cake around. Won’t be doing much as my hubby and daughter have now gone down with it.