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Folksy Friday theme 8 July - Bliss

Morning everyone! Our Folksy Friday theme for this week is Bliss! Because we all need some bliss in our lives.

So please share all the lovely things you’ve found on Folksy that make you happy here, or nice things that take you away from your everyday life and into a little bubble of joy.

Bliss is the theme for our Folksy Friday here on the forum, but you can also create your own Folksy Friday on any theme you like and post it on social media using the #folksyfriday hashtag. We’ll share as many as we can!

@sianuska has created a brilliantly blissful Folksy Friday post on our blog too. And if you’re new to this whole Folksy Friday thing, you can find out how to join in at the bottom of that post.

Happy Folksy Friday, folks :slight_smile:

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I tweeted Tea and Talent, which fits in nicely as a cup of tea is bliss!

Was hoping to make a graphic like folksy made for me last week but not possible to use canva on the iPad.


Here’s my version of ‘Bliss’ - a cup of tea, a scented candle and some gorgeous yarn (with knitting needles or hook of course!)

Thanks to:
Hook and Loop
The Candle Parlour
Colours from Swaledale @Mountain Ash

Di :relaxed:


Just made a pinterest board of my idea of bliss, being by the sea :slight_smile:

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What amazing finds, beautiful! :blue_heart:

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That all looks pretty perfect, chuck in a couple of books and that’s my idea of bliss too! :smiley:

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I have instagrammed and twittered my cup and saucer…

What can be more blissful than a Great British cup of tea :blush:

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I’m sure for some bliss is being allowed to sit and watch the many sporting events that are going on this weekend so I’ve gone for a sporting pinterest board

I’ll be watching the cycling.


I don’t know if I put my link on the wrong thread so just to be safe, here it is again :slight_smile:


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I’m definitely with you on that one @saltmarshandsamphire why didn’t I think of that and then I could have looked for a lovely bookmark to include!


When I saw your Instagram I thought this would have been great to go with the lovely teapot I included! I’ll go off for a sneak peak with my ‘favouriting finger’ at the ready!
I’m really intrigued to know how you make your lovely embroidered materials, Sue!!
Di x


This gorgeous sunset over water by @saltmarshandsamphire is my idea of bliss.


My bliss item for #folksyfriday is this hand engraved champagne flute Victoria Collins (who I can’t seem to tag). My idea of bliss is sitting out on my patio, the sun shining, listening to birdsong with a glass of champagne in my hand. This beautiful design with the bee really fits in with that!

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Here is my ‘Bliss’ Pinterest board for this week

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My Bliss is watching the Welsh football team play with big hearts

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Ah yes - the bookmark addiction. Nearly have more bookmarks than books… and that is saying something :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing our image - it was certainly a blissful evening when this was taken! :slight_smile:

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This lovely painting from star4craft looks like my idea of bliss.

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Love that cup and saucer Sue

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