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Folksy Friday!

Look what the lovely @GemmaEspreyDesigns has revived! She’s made a #folksyfriday blog post featuring her four favourite gloom-busting yellow finds on Folksy and shared them on Twitter and Instagram.

It would be brilliant if we could get as many people involved in #folksyfriday as possible, as it’s a great way to share some of the lovely things people are making and get the word out there about Folksy!

We’ve put together this blog post with more information about how you can get involved and what you need to do…

If you don’t have a blog it could just be as simple as sharing some of your favourite things made by other makers on Folksy on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest - maybe on a theme like Gemma’s done? If you post them with us on social using the #folksyfriday tag, we’ll share as many as we can.

Here’s Gemma’s first #folksyfriday blog post

( Yellow Daisy Purse by @louise35flower )


Thanks for sharing, Camilla! Happy! :blush:


This morning I used the hashtag #folksyfriday on my instagram account :blush: @suetrevorartist


I’ve used the folksyfriday# on facebook and used this little pretty childs dress from a seller I’ve not come across before

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hi @folksycontent
i was wondering if there could be a #folksyhour on twitter one tuesday evening to discuss #folksyfriday and possible promotional ideas? thanks.


This morning I used #folksyfriday on twitter and facebook to share some of my favourites :slight_smile: @heavenlyannie

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Here’s my #folksyfriday share.

This is my #folksyfriday tweet

More gold than yellow :wink: but here is my pick for #FolksyFriday!

Sam x

here’s mine with a chicken theme! -


Yay!! :grin:

Yay, have done #folksyfriday all over Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

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Hi @folksycontent @HilaryP

would it be possible for Folksy to do a blog post on the subject of #folksyfriday with tips and ideas for people ? As not all sellers use the forums, it could maybe promote the idea of #folksyfriday to a bigger audience.


We gave #folksyfriday a big push last year on the blog, doing our own and asking people o get involved and that we’d share anything tagged - promoted through the newsletter and on all our channels - we would love people to get involved and celebrate Folksy with #folksyfriday

I’ve just updated this post @folksycontent


thanks hilary.

Not sure what I’m doing …but tweeted a couple of my favourite items using #folksyfriday


Makes me feel quite nostalgic! (could be the glass of wine I’ve had) So Folksy Friday back in the ye-olde \folksy days was this kind of organic uprising by folksy shop sellers as a way of networking and promoting Folksy and it was obviously fantastic for Folksy to have so many bloggers sharing - there would be 100’s every week.

heres the first official #FolksyFriday post on the blog from 2010!

we’d love it to get back to what it was - very much about sharing other people’s work and highlighting items with fun themes.

I did one on my haptree blog once where I crowd sourced what went in updating a square of the grid every hour based on the comments - the traffic to my page that day was unbelievable!


hi @HilaryP

  • the blog post talks about there being a thing called “a #folksyfriday” which looks like a kind of gift list.

i thought people were talking more about doing different events/promotions etc. that day.

I don’t think there are any rules when using the tag, just a good way to raise awareness if lots of people get into the habit.

The mini themed gift guide idea was a really good community aspect to it as it was less about promoting your own shop (directly) and more about celebrating handmade and Folksy as a place to buy from British sellers.

That’s one of the benefits of selling on a marketplace, working together with fellow sellers, especially those whose products do not compete with but complement your own and so when that seller shares your gift guide to their audience you’ve also found potential new fans yourself.

Just like Gemma has done in the opening post :slight_smile:


thanks - just checking - have been thinking of ideas for a gift guide for this friday.