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Folksy & Simplicity Competition

Hi all!

Have you entered yet? Fabulous prize - this bundle and sewing book is perfect for beginners so if you haven’t tried making your own clothes why not give it a go :slight_smile:

free sewing patterns to win


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That’s very nice :slightly_smiling:
I’m sure someone will love it, but I already make most of my own dresses

I have entered! I do make some of my own clothes but I’m always interested to get more books on subjects that interest me as there is often more than one way of doing something. Also the selection of patterns include a couple I was thinking of buying anyway-so it would be great to get them for free!!!

Love Sam x

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Oh lovely! Have always wanted to make my own clothes (having done woodwork and metalwork at school - I never learned there). These patterns look like a good starting place for a beginner!

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There are lots of patterns up for offer, very much worth entering if you are a dressmaker already :slight_smile:

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