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Something for me!

(katieleather) #1

I am sure there are many of you in the same boat as me. Always making things for others but rarely taking the time to make something for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but I was super pleased with myself yesterday when I managed to make this dress while my little man napped.

Anyone else managed to make something for themselves recently?

(Christine E.) #2

Lovely! :slight_smile:

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(JollySmall) #3

That looks really lovely and very summery! Just as the weather turns tropical I’ve ordered some sock wool to try and make myself socks! Never done it before but since the weather is nice hopefully won’t need them for a while!

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(Karen Ellam) #4

Your dress looks great :blush:

Its lovely to treat yourself sometimes. I made myself a necklace & earring set a few months ago, but other than that I never think to make myself anything lol


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(Jan Ryan) #5

Thats lovely, I love the fabric you’ve used. I haven’t made anything for myself for ages, maybe I should do something about that!!! :slight_smile:

(katieleather) #6

Thanks! I got the fabric in a lucky dip fabric bundle thing ages ago and had forgotten about it so that made it all the more satisfying lol

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(Diane Burton) #7

Lovely dress :slight_smile: I’ve just finished a wrap skirt tonight, even managed to draft my own pattern for it as all the patterns I have weren’t quite right.

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(Jacqueline Ostrowka) #8

Dress looks great, and just intime for the glorious weather too :slight_smile:
My recent make was these necklaces for my sister, sister-in-law and myself, in memory of my mum.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #9

It’s come out great. I have a similar pattern but I’ve not had time to try it out yet.

The last time I made anything for myself was march 2015. I’d planned to make one dress a month but only made 6 dresses.

I have a pile of dresses to make for myself some are cut out some not but all siting on a dinning room chair waiting for me to get to work.

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That"s lovely :slight_smile: I haven"t made anything for myself for ages either. I bought a new dress pattern and some lovely fabric last year but didnt get around to making it. I was thinking about it last night when watching the Sewing Bee. Maybe I should get stuck in to it while Im feeling inspired!

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(katieleather) #11

They are beautiful @JacquelineOJewellery what a lovely idea X

(Helen Healey) #12

You’ve made a lovely job of that dress. It fits beautifully.

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(katieleather) #13

I have a draw like that @EileensCraftStudio… All sat waiting to be made but I have been distracted by something else lol

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(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #14

I’ve found a pattern for a top I’m dying to make for myself. Crochet neck and wide straps sewn to Jersey cotton with a bubble hem. I plan to crack it out during the first week of the summer hols and then wear it to work when I launch our new textiles course to years 7 and 8 in our school :slight_smile:

(katieleather) #15

I would have loved it if our textiles teacher had gone to that effort! Would have got into dress making much sooner.

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(Danielle Hall Nicola Malia) #16

I’m planning to start them in year 7 with a soft toy project to introduce them to pattern making and decorative techniques then in year 8 we’ll move to using the sewing machine and techniques like pin tucks and pleating. I’m going to start a lunch club for repairs and upcycling too I hope x

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(Liz Clark) #17

I’m going to attempt a pair of espadrilles… Never tried it before but bought some PRYM espadrille soles from John Lewis when I was there last and thought I’d give it a try.

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(Heidi Meier) #18

Wow that looks fab! I’d like to try painting some watercolours for my house at some point. Maybe horses or flowers. Or beach scenes - they seem to be my favourite subjects at the moment!! :slight_smile:

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(katieleather) #19

Not going to lie… Had to google espadrilles :see_no_evil: You are brave! I have never even considered making shoes. Only booties for little feet!

(Mel) #20

Looks fantastic x

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