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FolksyFriday theme 16 September - Autumn Hues

This week’s #folksyfriday theme if you’d like to join in here on the forum is Autumn Hues. So please share your autumnal finds in this thread, and share your Folksy Friday collections on social media using the hashtag #folksyfriday.

You can see the official Folksy Friday by Jane Crick (it’s lovely) here


Still holding onto summer here!
Tweet was Hold Onto Summer

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just to keep the chill out a little as we move in to the autumn months

Here’s a couple of autumn type pictures from me:

Love the Autumnal colours in my Rudbeckia :maple_leaf:

And found this gorgeous print from @FizzStudio which I’ve tweeted, beautiful colours :four_leaf_clover:

I have a Pinterest board on the Autumn theme with items made by Folksy crafters:
Autumnal - warm and cosy hues! Whether it’s the bright autumn colours or the cosy clothing we put on to stay warm, my board takes a look at what Folksy has to offer……

The choice was difficult this week ! I love those autumnal hues so much !

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Here’s something Autumnal.

Here’s my #FolksyFriday - Autumn Hues board.

Tactile wool.

How about a touch of teal to pop out those lovely autumnal Browns?