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Folksy Friday for the 19th and 26th Oct 18

Here is my Folksy Fri board for 26th Oct
gorgeous greens

and last weeks - Reds

12th Halloween

5th - blues


Thanks so much for adding my bow bag to your greens board Claire. x

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I thought it was time I made a Folksy Friday board so here is mine @folksycontent :slight_smile:


You’re welcome xx

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Lovely Halloween board. I have shared this on twitter and repinned several items to my Halloween board. Helps to get things shown - hopefully xx

Thanks Claire xx

Moon inspired Folksy Friday theme. I intended to post this earlier when we had the harvest moon in September, but Folksy makers might benefit for a pre Christmas sale as the days get shorter now! My whimsical cat & garden bird board from spring is included too.

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lovely boards xx

Here is my new #folksyfriday board with lots of lovely Christmas items xx

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Thank you Claire. Here’s my Christmas at Folksy-land board!

Hi Thank you for including my Sparkly Star and Christmas Tree but… am puzzled as these sold ages and ages ago. Gave me a turn for a moment when I saw the tree and wondered if it was hiding in one of my boxes but then I saw it showed as unavailable.

Hi, @JOYSofGLASS Sorry I think I missed you on my board so I shall add something nice now for you xx

Claire, That’s very kind of you. Been at a lovely (Very busy :slight_smile: :slight_smile: )Christmas shopping event today and my poor robin is feeling quite dejected. Well the one I took with me anyway.
I hung him up next to a hedgehog and sold that hedgehog and then another hedgehog and I’ll swear that Robin wiped a tear away.
Never mind someone will surely want him tomorrow :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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The robin is SO lovely, I’m sure it will be snapped up soon. Glad it all went well for you xx

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Hi Joy. Yes I included your lovely items in my Christmas at Folksy-land board! :grinning: I did start the board a few years ago but have just added some new items by makers, so I thought I’d repost it. Some other makers items may have also been sold, so I apologise if I gave you a shock! I also posted the board in the shop talk section below to help promote Folksy gifts and shops for Christmas. I just wanted to help share some lovely items! Congratulations on your sales and am sending you an early Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

Hi (sorry can’t work out your Christian name as I can’t find it on your shop front anywhere).

Thank you for including my glass. Because everything I make is unique I don’t normally relist when I make a replacement for something sold, I copy and make a new listing. This does have one unfortunate effect and that is that when I’ve pinned something to Pinterest and then sold it, if it’s clicked to get back to the Folksy listing it then shows as unavailable. The chances are there will be an up to date version in my shop but the Pinterest link doesn’t show that.
I do have a very good reason for working my listings the way I do and that is that I like my Folksy Sold items to show the piece I actually sold. If I use relist then the photo I load of the newly made replacement item will replace those on the sold listing which doesn’t sit well with my unqiue concept. By copying and creating new listings and therefore new URLs, I may lose the views I’ve had on the original but I also retain my set of unique item photos.

Just thought I’d explain in case people don’t realise this.
There are advantages to being able to change photos on Sold listings and that is, If I make something to order I can add the photos of the completed piece once I’ve made it. I do like to show what I’ve actually sent to the customer.

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