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Following on from Twitter hour

(Suzzie Godfrey) #1

last Tuesday Twitter hour was all about Twitter!! @CosmicCrochetUK @folksycontent
One hour just wasn’t long enough and I have come away half grasping the revolutionary concept of lists, so please can someone with more knowledge about this please answer a question or two I still have, please and again please!
I have created 2 private lists, because whilst I like what the people are saying they do send soooo many tweets that in the end I just race through the whole lot and don’t even read them, so I have popped them into a list, BUT they still feature on my general daily twitter feed. I thought that if you put them on a list, they would go there and when I had a few minutes I could read what they had to say solely.
Q; Do you have to unfollow those people so they only go on the list,
Q; and if so will they know I have unfollowed them?
Suzzie x

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(Ali Joyce) #2

No, if you go into their Twitter profile you will see a wheel(!?) at the top of their profile. Click on that and the third option says Add/remove from lists. Click that and put them into your list and click done. Hey presto! If your list is private they won’t know they are on it, if it is public they will receive a notification.
Hope that helps
Ali x

(Ali Joyce) #3

So far as unfollowing goes, they probably won’t know unless they are super aware of who their followers are, or they have an app like Crowdfire. I generally follow most people who follow me (unless it’s an obviously spammy account). I always feel rather sad if they then unfollow me (if you see what I mean) - it feels like the social media equivalent of a one night stand!
Ali x

(CosmicCrochetUK) #4

Have I been spamming your wall?? If so sorry!!! I’m @ CosmicCrochetUK. x

(Ali Joyce) #5

Found you!

(Suzzie Godfrey) #6

Oh goodness, no no no no, I only met you at folksyhour on Tuesday and you seemed so knowledgable about ‘lists’ that I thought I would ask you for more info, so found you here too and here we are!!!
Suzzie x

(Suzzie Godfrey) #7

Hello Ali, done all the above, think I was just rather impatient, because I now think the people I want to follow but not every day are safely on a private list. Thank you for your help.
I too feel slighted when someone unfollows me, I know its probably not personal, but it still kinda hurts my pride!!
Suzzie x

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(Ali Millard) #8

Hi @thistledownandHOPE I hope that I can explain this OK. Lists is just a way to organise all the people that you follow. So you can will still see their tweets in your general daily twitter feed, or you can see their tweets in your list.
The idea is that you create lists, put the people you follow in to them and when you click on the list, you will only see the tweets of people in that list, it’s a way of filtering tweets so that you only see a certain amount at a time.
I have lists set up for all sorts of things, such as ‘designer-makers’, ‘local’, ‘favourite tweeters’ etc. So for example, when I click on my ‘local’ list, I only see the tweets from local people who I follow, this list has fellow local businesses in it, local shops, local restaurants etc, so if I want to see what’s happening in my area, I can click on my local list and only see the tweets from local people.
So what you could do with the people that you are not interested in, is to NOT put them into a list and put all the people you are interested in, IN to a list. Then when you go onto twitter, go to your lists and you’ll only see the people you are interested in.
If you don’t want to see peoples tweets, you can unfollow them, they won’t know if you have unfollwed them unless they look at your profile, where they will be able to see that you don’t follow them. Or, you can ‘mute’ their tweets, so that you still follow them, but their tweets don’t appear in your timeline. If someone you follow constantly RT’s people, you can also ‘turn off RT’s’ which means that you’ll see their original tweets, but none of their RT’s.
I will also add that all my lists are public, which means that anyone can click on them and follow people who I am interested in. Having them set as public means that (for example) another local person to me can look at my local list and follow other local people really quickly without having to find local people themselves.
Having them public also means that when you add someone to your list, they should get a notification to say that you’ve added them to one of your lists, if you’ve added them to a ‘favourite twitters’ list for example, they’ll probably follow you back as that’s a super nice list to be in and it’s quite a compliment to the person who you’ve followed.

(Suzzie Godfrey) #9

Ali, I like your thinking here, so kind of using twitter in reverse, so instead of just scrolling down my timeline and getting frustrated with all the fluff and stuff on it, I can leave that there and use the lists to filter who I really want to follow at the moment.
Q; can you put people on/off the lists as and when you fancy?
Q; the mute button, if you use that, when do you get to see their tweets?
Q; favourite twitter button, do you use that for super duper customers, …
Sorry for so many questions, but all teenagers still away at uni, and hubby about as useless as …over twitter matters!
Suzzie x

(Ali Millard) #10

Hi @thistledownandHOPE Yes, that’s totally correct, it’s like using twitter in reverse, brilliantly worded :0)
Yes, you can put people in or out of your lists whenever you like, they won’t be told when you’ve taken them out of a list, but they will be told when you add them to a list.
With regards to mute, the only time you will be able to see their tweets, is if you click on their profile or if they are taking part in a # that you are following. So for example, if you are following #folksyhour and you have muted someone as they are spamming #folksyhour with sales tweets, the only way to stop seeing their spamming tweets is to unfollow them
With regards to my ‘favourite tweeters list’ (it’s not a favourite twitter button, it’s a list I have created) I have all sorts of people in mine who do not kind of fit into any of my other lists, so there’s a few customers, a few friends, it’s really just people who’s tweets I don’t want to miss

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(Ali Millard) #11

Hi @thistledownandHOPE I’ve just edited my previous comment as I’ve just remembered that you can see ‘muted’ tweets if you are following a #

(Suzzie Godfrey) #12

Ali @millyandpip I think If I get myself reversed, then muting wouldn’t really be needed, as I will only be following those on the lists and those that are just a bit too vocal will be left in the general melee, so I wont hear them unless I scroll down my actual timeline.
You have been really helpful, thank you so much. I will get myself sorted tonight as I haven’t found the colour wool I want to knit a new clothes hanger in, so I am feeling rather unoccupied. (Going wool hunting tomorrow after I have given a sewing machine lesson). I knew there must be more to twitter…
Suzzie x

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(Ali Millard) #13

You’re welcome @thistledownandHOPE The minute you set up your lists and organise the people you follow, twitter should make more sense as it’ll be easier for you to keep up with your favourite tweeters :0)

(Suzzie Godfrey) #14

one last one, promise, Ali @millyandpip can followers go in more than one list?
Suzzie x

(Rosesworkshop) #15

I use several lists, eg local business, craft fairs, wool. Then if I’m tweeting a topic I can check the list for similar topic tweets to retweet without having to read everything. When I have time I read my timeline, which includes all the people not on any list.

I also unfollow anyone who auto-tweets product details on an hourly basis but never engages - somebody like that will never notice I’ve gone.

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(Ali Millard) #16

Hi @thistledownandHOPE Yes, people can go in more than 1 list, but you might not want to do that as you’ll be seeing the same tweets when you look at your lists

(Suzzie Godfrey) #17

Hello all, all my best laid plans for sorting twitter out last night were scuppered by a lovely walk to the village pub and glass of red wine! Oh well theres always tonight!
Putting all the people I follow into lists seems quite a large task, but I guess when it is done just adding the few new ones will be a cynch.
Many thanks everyone
Suzzie x