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(Pretty 'Mades' All in a Row) #1

I have recently set up a twitter page and am just about getting used to it! I thought maybe we could have a Twitter thread where we can share and follow each others Twitter pages and also ask questions and help others who need it?
My twitter page is, whats yours?

Twitter? Help
(Birdandmonkey) #2

I’ve no idea how twitter works! I just #words and tag random people who follow me! Mine is

(Kim Blythe) #3

I’m on twitter too, but have a different name. It was set up before my Facebook or Folksy.


(Birdandmonkey) #4

Following now.

(Pretty 'Mades' All in a Row) #5

I’m the same at the moment @Birdandmonkey. I’m hoping to pick it up as I go along but I have googled a few things to check what they mean! That’s why I thought it would be a good if we had a thread so we could ask others and also pass on what we have learned!
I’ve just had an item in my shop tweeted by Folksy so hopefully that will get things going a bit!

(Kim Blythe) #6

I am following you both now!
I am not sure how it all works either…so not much help!


(Hazel Rayfield) #7

I love twitter been doing it about 5 years now …

Followed you all … this is me ;

(Pauline Hayward) #8

I’m also on twitter but don’t have a clue how it works. that’s me

Now following everybody here.

(Angrycatcrochet) #9

I’m new to twitter as well, only starting to get the hang of it, this is my one

Also if you are on twitter you should follow @Craft_Hour they do a weekly sharing craft hour on Sundays from 7pm-8pm. I’ve gotten lots of new followers from that :slight_smile:

(Carol Lucas) #10

Hi guys! I’m on Twitter -

Looking forward to Sunday evening - I wasn’t aware of @craft_hour so I’m glad I read this post!


(Thats Sew Chic) #11

I’m on Twitter too as That’s Sew Chic. Twitter is great. As well as craft hour there is a handmade hour every Wednesday at 7.30. Just hashtag it. X

(The Daisy Dream) #12

No idea what I’m doing on twitter must get to grips with it !!

Sara x x

(Louise Jay) #13

Following you all :smile:

(Pretty 'Mades' All in a Row) #14

I should now be following you all - hopefully I haven’t missed anyone (but please let me know if I have!)
@TheDaisyDream just to let you know, the link you have put above takes me to my account on Twitter. The link you need to use is which I have followed using the link on your shop page.

If anyone does have any question please just ask (I may not know the answer but hopefully if I don’t someone else on FolksyTalk will!)

(Heather De Gruyther) #15

Hello everyone - now following you all (if I wasn’t already!).

I’m - must pay more attention to twitter, haven’t really tried craft hour and handmade hour, will try and remember them.


(Yvette ) #16

Hi everyone - now following you all :smile:

(Denise Hayes) #17

Hi all have followed you all - I’m at

I also have my Facebook posts automatically shared to Twitter, if they are longer than 140 characters, there is a link to the FB post. If you need help setting it up I’ll try to remember what I did… i think it’s on the FB page!

(Birdandmonkey) #18

Think I’m following everyone? Give me a shout if I’m not and I will add you

( Carol ) #19

I’m on twitter here

Those who have a different twitter name to your shop, if you wish to change it click on the cog at the top of the twitter page, then click on settings then enter your new username. (This is on the main website so may be slightly different on the app)

Off to follow those I’m not already following.

(Charlotte Hupfield) #20

I am on Twitter :smile:

I’m here >