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Free art Fridays

I think I saw this on the news, forgot abot it and have just seen somebody taking part on FB.
I think the idea is you leave a work of /craftin a public place with your info on and basically its free for them. You ask them to take a pic of it and add it to a social network site for a bit of publicity.
Have any of you taken part?

I love this idea. I haven’t taken part yet. But a little while ago now while wandering around where I live, I thought something like that would be a really cute idea.
I’d love to come across something like that myself.
I was actually tempted to leave things around my area with no other information on other than a hashtag, to see if whoever found it put it on twitter/instagram etc and to see if I could find it again online. haha
May have to have a go.

I took part in something like this a few years ago and occasionally since but haven’t done any recently. It’s a great idea and I’m a fan of the ‘Free Art Friday’ fb page. I think I need to get my act together and have have another go :slight_smile: