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Easter Craft Fair - online!

Hi Everyone

I’m thinking of setting up my stall over the Easter weekend for an online craft fair.

Beforehand I will set up my stall at home and photograph it, upload the photos to Facebook, link my products in the photos to my Facebook shop which in turn links to my Folksy shop.
Good Friday morning I’ll put up a Facebook post saying the event is open and I’ll put all my products on free UK delivery (some may be hidden if the delivery can’t be done economically) until Easter Monday evening

Hopefully I can create more of a craft fair shopping experience to the customer and they will come to the craft fair and buy.

Are there any other of you who would like to join me in this Easter Craft Fair (your delivery terms are entirely your choice)?

I think that the more people who can join in with this, the better it will be for us all - we can link to each other’s Facebook profiles so the customers can “virtually walk” around the craft fair like they would in a real craft fair.

Your thoughts please!


Fantasy Candles


I really like the idea of an online craft fair, however I don’t have Facebook so would not be able to join using that platform.

Perhaps Folksy could create an Easter craft fair section instead, and we could all promote it using other platforms as well as Facebook? For instance, I am on Twitter.

We have been talking about doing an online Easter Craft Fair too! We’re still working out the best way to do it, but it might be that we set up a page on Folksy with items from sellers taking part, and then promote the craft fair and “stalls” on social media during that day or evening. We’ve also been talking to Pedddle about linking up with them to run it, so watch this space!


Thanks that’s a great idea!!

Cheers, Amanda

Don’t know how to do an online craft fair, but willing to learn fast, brilliant idea, count me in Suzzie x


This is a great idea. Some of the Craft fair organisers I work with, have actually done this on Instagram and on Facebook with links to all the sellers who were interested. More the merrier, I think!

This sounds great, brilliant idea! Count me in :blush:

Fantastic idea, would love to join in :grinning:

I’m just taking all my pictures ready to launch my online Easter Craft fair.

If you are interested in getting a bit of free publicity (and sharing some with others too), can you post your Instagram and or Facebook profile names here please and I’ll add you onto my posts this weekend.

My Facebook is: FantasyCandlesSensesCandleDesign
Instagram: Fantasy.Candles



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Definitely count me in. What a brilliant idea.

@FantasyCandlesSensesCandleDesign - just followed you on Instagram.

SallyAnn xxx

the online Easter Craft Fair is online - Facebook and Instagram, if anyone else would like to join in (or should that be, have a stall) add a message onto this thread with your Instagram / Facebook address and I’ll add you onto the virtual exhibitors list :slight_smile: