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Free tickets - ICHF show Exeter this weekend

(Bojanglies) #1

I entered a draw for tickets to the ichf show this weekend ( and forgot all about it until a free ticket turned up on my doormat
I’ve made other plans and can’t get there, but would anybody else be interested?
It’s a ticket that will admit 2, not 2 separate tickets.
Can post out tonight!

(Ali Dufty) #2

Hi Bojanglies ,
I would like the ticket if it’s still available ??!! I was mming and ahhing about going on Sunday , and see they have put the entry price up again :frowning: .This would be a treat !
Best regards, Ali

(Bojanglies) #3

It’s a ludicrous £7!!
How can you afford to buy shiny things when it costs so much to get in?

Email me your address and I’ll post it off to you.
Glad it’s not going to waste

(Bojanglies) #4

(Thanks @Louisa15 I didn’t even notice the category option!)

(Ali Dufty) #5

Super ! Thanks so much , I will email you now :smile:)
£9 pay on the door :(( !!

(Bojanglies) #6

ouch! It’s gone up since yesterday. Sneaky!

(Pauline Hayward) #7

What a shame I didn’t see this sooner. I would have loved the tickets. This is the first year in ages I’ve actually been in the country. We are usually on holiday in September.

(Margaret Jackson) #8

lol, it’s the kind of work I do, I have a pathological need to categorise and file things in the correct places. I hope no-one minds! :smile: