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Doing our first ever vintage fair - any tips please?

(Birchand Hare) #1

Birch and Hare will be doing their first ever Vintage Show this weekend in Hook in Hampshire. Has anyone got any tips or things I should look out for please. I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

(Grimm Exhibition) #2

Sorry, Ive never sold at a vintage fair, there are quite a few in a local town but never got round to going. Just wanted tosay good luck and have lots of fun.
Let us know how it goes adn take a pad and pen and write down things that you realise could be done better/different for next time.
eg I realised theres no point putting price labels on th back of things when people are looking at the front of things.

(Birchand Hare) #3

Hi Thanks for the reply - that’s a good idea about the pad and pen - so obvious but I wouldn’t have thought of it

(Ronald Koorm) #4

On pricing tickets, I think it depends what you are selling. If it is something like ceramics then a ticket on the front providing the object is not obscured by it. Clearly on paintings, and larger artwork the customer appreciates seeing the price straight away, and also for jewellery and toys. On handmade greeting cards I put prices and copyright notices on the rear. On my framed and unframed prints I usually put them on the rear, and that does not seem to have discouraged people from asking the price if they are genuinely interested in buying, but it all depends on what you feel is right. The other thing is if people buy several framed prints together I am willing to sometimes give a discount, and you can’t easily convey that with a ticket.

(Dixie Nichols) #5

Clearly your first fair is done and dusted and you have learnt lots from it. I wrote three advice pieces on craft fairs choosing the right fair preparations and survival They will help set you up for your next one.

(Birchand Hare) #6

Hi Dixie Nichols, Handmade Lives - thank you so much - your advice and information was invaluable - I was guilty of doing some of the negative things you mentioned. I’ve followed you on twitter and re-tweeted your info - thanks for taking the time to leave me your advice