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Front page of shop

(Claire Mead) #1

Is there a way to change around the items on my shop front page? I would prefer to have my newest items at the front but I can’t seem to find a way to change it. My new items are currently last of all. Thanks for any help

(HartAndCraft) #2

Hi Claire

You can do this in Shopkeeping, from your Dashboard - move items to top, drag them around, etc.

(Julie Maginn) #3

Hi Claire, as @HartAndCraft says it’s from your dashboard. Under Shop settings, go to shopkeeping. You then get a very long list of all items. Scroll down to bottom and click on Move to Top next to the title of each item. You can also drag and drop to re order the whole list any way you like. I always find this section of Folksy very very very slow to respond so you may have to be patient with it!!! xxx

(Lois Bell) #4

yes, agree with Julie - it’s slow and ponderous but it does get there in the end!

(Claire Mead) #5

@HartAndCraft @DewDropCrafts @Beesandblossoms
Hi, Thanks for the info. I knew I could change the top item on each section but I didn’t realise I could change the listings all around. Thanks very much I shall have a play x