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Furniture Label Supplier Required

(ColwillandCo) #1

Hi Folksy folk. I am a furniture maker and would like to ‘brand’ my products with a small round brass label bearing the company logo. It would need to be similar in size to a dog tag with a couple of countersunk holes for screws. Google throws up either industrial label suppliers, or trophy type engravers none of which quite give the look I want. I would probably need around 100 to be going on with. Any recommendations, suggestions or proposals very much appreciated.

(Diane Burton) #2

Not sure if it’s the sort of order Colleen @MidnightStarDesigns can help you with, she does copper and aluminium embossing

(Midnight Star Designs) #3

Thanks for thinking of me @DeesDesigns Diane xx

Unfortunately I don’t have any way of doing a custom logo on metal, I hand stamp and emboss/etch using embossing folders xx

(ColwillandCo) #4

Thanks for your help both. I may have a bash at melting down some beer cans this weekend and making my own. If you don’t hear from me for a while you know why!