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Fabric product tags

Can anyone recommend a supplier of those little fabric labels that you can put you logo on and sew into your makes, without needing a print run of 500! Thank you :slight_smile:

I got mine from the internet, but can’t find the details. Maybe someone else can help. I think I only ordered 50 or 100. Good Luck

Thanks Marg…I have been looking on the internet but most of the products seem very expensive. My items have such a slim profit margin that I don’t want to spend too much…but equally I don’t want to spoil the ship for a ha’peth of tar!

Just remembered, I think I got mine from Have a look to see if there’s anything suitable. I also saved this site on my favourites for when I run out of my own made labels. They do seem the most reasonable. I like that they can have a little picture on with the name!