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Sew in seam labels


I’m looking for somewhere where I can get some labels made with my logo on that I can sew into the seams of my sewn products. Where does everyone else get them from? I’ve seen one supplier on Folksy but their labels are not washable… :’(

Thinking of maybe making my own…


I got my labels from Woven Labels UK, You design your own label and you can order a small quantity to try them out. Mine is my shop banner so you can see what its like.
Marg. x

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I also get my labels from Woven Labels Uk !

Gerda x

Got mine from this place, they are in China but excellent service and shipping.
Especially good if you want a large quantity.
I got 1,000 damask woven labels with my shop name on in my fancy script plus the website addresses of my two shops, my folksy one and the “other” one.
£100.64p all in.

I use GB labels.
Love the labels, but their turnaround time seems to be getting loner and longer, so I probably wouldn’t recommend them.
My last order with them was placed on 2nd April and apparently they’re ''still in production"

Sarah x

I use - very pleased with speedy service and design options available. Good price too.

I use Woven Labels UK as well, you can’t have a logo but you can have any text. Incredibly fast turnaround last lot I had I ordered on Wednesday and they arrived on Friday, they did make a mistake but immediately reprinted with no quibble and I had the new labels by the Tuesday.

I have been using and am really pleased with them£7.50 for 100, make sure you order the waterproof ones though if they are to be sewn onto stuff. They do a non waterproof ribbon too which is perfect for wrapping around products.

Thanks everyone for your replies! Given me a lot of good suggestions! :smile:

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I get mine here. I really wanted to buy from folksy, but just preferred the look of these…

What about this site? LabelsandRibbon
I think you could like it :slight_smile: i bought there some labels for my kids, maybe that could help you!

Saw your posting and decided to order some of these ones too. They arrived today and they are O for awesome! (that’s a Kiwi meem not just my bad spelling!) :smiley:

I designed my own and they came out even better than I expected. Really quick turnaround too. Now I must sew them into all the things!


They are the only ones i’ve been able to find which can be sewn into a seam. They are fab aren’t they! I might be ready for a new order soon. I’ve noticed she does different colours now too - when i ordered my first batch they were only available in white. Oo, a whole new world of colour choices!

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Thanks folks, my mum has been looking for some sew in labels for bags that she designs. So I just ordered her some as a surprise! x


I might just order them fro Etsy as I have a gift card to use! Just putting finishing touches to my fonts & colour

Tola x

I make my own using transfer paper and ribbon. You have to make sure to print your design in mirror image but all of my items are unique in terms of fibre content and stuff so it makes sense for me, obviously.

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I got my from Etsy. I’m really pleased with them, really personalised service and not too expensive. Mine had writing on them, but she could probably do a logo if you submit the design to her. The address is:

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look there:
I can advise this page to you, there you can create your own labels and it isn´t expensive. Futhermore they have a very good quality and are authoritative!

awesome stuff loved it

Unfortunately they don’t ship to the UK so not much use to most Folksy sellers.