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Gift guide for the visually impaired

I’ve just asked folksy (via their facebook page) if they have a gift guide for the visually impaired. I can’t find anything, although I have to say unless they pop up on the front page I generally don’t have much look seeking out the gift guides, I don’t find them intuitive at all.

Meanwhile, I thought we could perhaps curate our own gift guide for the visually impaired here.

I’ll start with some of my miniature artwork featuring heavy textural differences - glossy petals, bumpy raised edges and matt paper in the background. They’re quite bright with high contrast so if the recipient has some sight they will be able to appreciate the colour too.


What a great idea! I have sold pieces like the ones below before to visually impaired and blind customers. The fact there are no clasps helps no end and the multitude of shapes, cuts and textures of the stones have been greatly received. The colours are strong too, so have also been commented on. I have several pieces in my shop that would work for the gift guide if they were chosen. Here are a few …

Jacqueline x


I’ve done a couple of my lavender birds with pearl beads on the top and one just finished with a velvet belly for a young lady who is blind as a request from the mum who is my son’s teacher. Might do another one for the shop!


This cushion is very tactile. The word love is appliqued and stands proud of the background fabric so the word could be traced with the fingers. Not only that, but the fabric used for the applique has a velvety finish - it’s really soft and has a textured pattern of little squares. It feels lovely when you run your fingers over it.

What a lovely idea! Quite a lot of my pieces are very textured.

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One of my best customers is a visually impaired lady who enjoys being able to see the contrasts in the bright colours and shapes in my work. She loved this one so much she bought two! She also loves the cat design!

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A tapesry featuring different yarns with various textures from woolly to silky

A very textural mixed media