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Star or Angel on your Xmas tree?

Im gearing up to sell at a couple of Xmas fairs, so my mind is on soldering angels.

So I wondered, do you put a star at the top of your Xmas tree, or an angel?
What is the reason for your choice?

Surely, it should be a fairy - then she may hold a magic wand with a star on the top!

I have a lego xmas tree - it has a yellow brick at the top so I’m guessing that counts as a star. My parents have a bat which hangs from the bent over tip of their fake tree, why… because they can. My sister has a fairly unorthodox tree too featuring numerous animal baubles organised with the sea animals at the bottom, land dwellers in the middle then flying creatures at the top.

I had a star on mine but I do like to see an angel atop of the tree x

We currently have a homemade fairy, before that we had a bright papier mache Julie Arkell angel dog (the dog now lives in my workshop as it got small child-ed on and needed tlc)

We always had a fairy when I was young in the fifties. When I got my own family, we had a Christmas Flower Fairy doll (remember them?). Now we have an angel with a gold dress and a porcelain head and hands (very traditional!) I do tend to go traditional, but one thing I hate is co-ordinated trees…

Both, but not on the same tree! We tend to have two trees and have a silver star on one and a gold angel on the other! I love Christmas! Ruth

I only have a star. I’d have an angel but as I don’t know what angels look like I’ve keep to the star showing the Wiseman the way to Bethlehem :smile:

We have a star at the very top, then angels on the next level down.
But it is a totally unco-ordinated tree, just smothered in all our favourite decorations and sweeties.
Suzzie x

We have a star, I liked how sleek it looked and felt it was a bit more modern x

I like Ruth @RuthSmithJewellery have two Christmas trees, I have a gold star on one and a patchwork angel on the other :slight_smile:

I have a angel these days and a coordinated tree which is silver and purple, I love it. Do you think it’s too early to put it up now? :grin: :christmas_tree:

I was thinking about my two Christmas trees and can’t wait to at least get the one in the porch way up.

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We have a vintagey looking metal Santa :grinning: We also have a bright red tree though!

We could put them up, then if anyone comments on how early it is we could use the excuse of photographing Christmas makes for our shops :grin:
(I have used that excuse in the past lol)


We always have a star - partly because I love their shape and partly, I think, because we always had an angel when I was younger. Once I had my own place and tree I just wanted to be different! I always like to have an angel or 2 hanging from the branches though (and I would put my tree up today if I could :wink:)

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My tree is under my big work table and I can see it, just sitting there, looking sad and lonely. It wouldn’t hurt if I just got it out of its box, would it??
It really doesn’t help that I’m sewing Christmas tea towels and they even played Christmas music on radio 1 this morning :expressionless:

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I much prefer having a star at the top of my tree as do most of my friends :slight_smile:

We put three trees up (greedy, I know but I’m a big kid and I love Christmas!). All three have a star. Like Angela @CoverStory, it’s partly because we had an angel when I was a child and I wanted to do my own thing and be different. I wouldn’t ever put them up until the start of December though. As much as I love Christmas, it has to stay in its proper place. :christmas_tree::ribbon::gift:

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I have 3 trees as well! Aren’t we a greedy lot! Fairy on the dining room one that I decorate and star on the first floor landing one with an angel that the small folk decorate. We have one outside in front of the house too with a star on it :slight_smile: Love Christmas!