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Giveaway alert

(Becky Pearce) #1

Hello all
Just wanted to let you know I’ve got a giveaway happening on my facebook page. Do pop along and say hi!

(Mysteryentry) #2

Great contest Becky, hope it goes well for you! My one piece of advice would be that you seem to have your branding a little confused: “RedBirdJewellery”, is your Facebook page name but your website etc… have a different name?

(Becky Pearce) #3

I know - it’s a real pain, but I started off as Red Bird Jewellery, and after a year or so changed my name to Becky Pearce Designs. I didn’t want to lose the followers I had on facebook, so just changed the name on that too - but sadly the web address doesn’t change! Which is v confusing. It’s a similar problem on folksy - you can change your name, but not completely! I’m not sure what to do about it!