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Glove display hands

Amongst other things I knit gloves.
However, my own hands are blotchy and dumpy and not at all photogenic, and at the moment I can’t really afford to pay somebody else to model my gloves every time I need to take photos. I got one of those jewellery display hands from ebay, but it is only about two-thirds the size of a real humans hand, so my gloves look huge!

Do any of you know where I can get a real life-size mannequin hand? Do any of you make them? Do you have beautiful hands you could take a cast of? Any other ideas?

Thank you :smile: )

Have you tried going in to a clothes shop,and asking if they have any broken mannequins.
Iv got afew of my display bits by doing that.
I got a nice life size hand/arm by asking.

Like my mum always says no harm in asking.
Hope that helps.

I got a torso from a local shop that was closing, but they didn’t have any arms. I’m still looking for a spare arm.

That’s an idea @hobbitgirlie1880 thank you.

Probably not today though - Saturday and pay day the town will be pretty busy. I’ll go in mid-week when they’ll have more time to talk.

That is true.
I’d wait until Monday if I was you.
It would be less busy.
Hope you manage to get some.

I got mine from Ebay years ago and mine is pretty much the same size as my own hands. Here is a link to something similar

If you have a local bhs maybe ask in there. I used to keep lots of spare bits like this (I was the VM manager) and often gave them out to art students. I found bhs held on to stuff for years and were always updating with new models.

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I bought mine from ebay

Thanks @TheCraftyBride that listing at least has the measurements on it, and it looks pretty close.

OK @Coramantic BHS will be added to my list, thank you

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Never thought of asking in a shop. Looked on eBay but takes ages to arrive from Hong Kong! Def going to check out some shops. Great advice.:grinning:

That made me giggle :slight_smile:


On a more helpful note, morplan do some flat hands that aren’t too pricey

Thanks @HelenSmith I hadn’t considered the flat acrylic variety.

They would work for proper gloves, but what about the fingerless type? What does anyone think - for product shots of wristies would the flat acrylic display hands work or would they look weird?

Thanks to everyone for your input, this is really helpful :slight_smile:

I’d think they’d look ok as I had a cardboard one like that I borrowed for a craft fair and it looked fine.

I now use my plastic one from ebay.