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Glue advice

Hi. Am after advice on glue…
What is best to use on findings and cabochons? I’ve tried loads but nothing seems to hold
Thanks x

hello -
a very strong glue is E6000 - has quite a lot of warnings on it about fumes though etc.
Seems to work v. well.

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What are you trying to glue the findings/ cabochons onto - metal/ fabric/ wood/ plastic? You need to make sure you’ve keyed (roughed up a bit) the surfaces being glued so that the glue has something to grip to then something like the E6000 that Sally mentions should do the trick.

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E6000 is the way to go

Cleaning both surfaces to remove grease and residue from things such as skin contact is a must as well. Keying the surfaces too. You can never be too fastidious when permanently bonding surfaces together.

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I use E6000 for my cabochons, it does have a strong smell so I try & avoid using it when my little one is about & if possible open the windows. However in saying that you really don’t need to use very much so I find the tube lasts ages.