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Recommendations for Glue to stick brooch pins onto plastic

(Helen McCartney Designs) #1


Can any one recommend a strong glue to stick a brooch back to plastic?

I thought that a glue gun might work but unfortunately it doesn’t.

Would appreciate any help and advice.



(Diane Burton) #2

I haven’t used it for brooches but I’ve used this for sticking metal embellishments onto cards as well as layering up my decoupage.

Diane x

(Helen McCartney Designs) #3

Thanks Diane, Really appreciate it. Will go and have a look now : )

(Christina Green) #4

I find epoxy resin very good :smile:

(Leanne Woods) #5

I like epoxy as well, I keep a couple of two part epoxies about, a clear one and a grey one I can sand and paint. They’re both quick grab and long cure so you don’t have to worry about moving anything after a minute or two, it won’t shift and then after 8-12 hours you could hang a wet duffle coat off whatever you’ve glued:-)

E6000 is good too but I’ve never been able to use it a second time, it seems to go off in an opened tube very quickly so if I use it, I save up projects, buy a smaller tube and use all or as much of it as I can then bin the rest.

Epoxy is less wasteful, although it seems more expensive but you can mix as much or as little as you need.

(Helen McCartney Designs) #6

Thanks so much Christina and Leanne,

Will have a look at epoxy resin then. That did seem to be popular when i looked online, I thought it might be too fiddly for a ‘first timer’ like me : )

I’m thinking about doing some brooches for a craft fair that i’m doing and, if i go ahead with them i would hate it if I had customers bringing back their broken brooches.

many many thanks.

(Sue Phillips) #7

Hi Helen. I find because metal is a cold material it stops the glue gun from working. I once needed to glue metal hooks to a base, and Bostik Glu & Fix(extra strong) worked well for me, though you do have to be very patient and leave it a good 24 hours to make a firm bond, even though it may seem to have stuck after 5 mins.

(Helen McCartney Designs) #8

Thanks so much Sue.

I really appreciate it.

Looks like I will be testing a lot of glue over the next few weeks : )

(Jan Ryan) #9

I like 2 part epoxy too. You can mix as much as you need, if I only need a small amount I mix it onto a piece of plastic (I save lids from milk and butter containers etc) I mix with a cocktail stick, when you have finished the whole lot can be thrown away.
Jan x

(Helen McCartney Designs) #10

Thanks Jan : )

I bought some epoxy over the weekend and am giving it a go, so hopefully that will work. Fingers crossed.


(Jill Fairbairn) #11

I use bostik too, it’s really strong and doesn’t dry up in the tube like a
Lot of glues do x

(Helen McCartney Designs) #12

Thanks for replying Jill,

Will give bostik a go too.


(Haley Glover) #13

I use Araldite, but use the one where you mix the two parts together. Works for sticking ceramics to brooch backs. Not sure about plastic. Do you have to sand the plastic slightly to give the glue something to hold on to?
Good luck.

(Helen McCartney Designs) #14

Thanks Haley,

Yes I have tried just sticking on without sanding and with sanding as well. The sanded version is better.

I tried the epoxy resin the other day, left it to go a bit tacky and then added it. Ably assisted by my beautiful assistant/Husband : )

It worked really really well. Maybe i’m over thinking it a bit too much with the tests to see if the back stays on. It’s not as if someone is going to go out of their way to try and break it off.


(Helen Billingsley) #15

I have tried many over the years but always come back to 2 part epoxy, Wilkos own I have found very good and a lot cheaper than Araldite. I have the E6000 but it absolutely pongs the house out its very fumey and stays that way the smell doesnt seem to go. Its also a bit rubbery and can peel off.

(Helen McCartney Designs) #16

Thanks Helen,

That’s interesting about the E6000. Had seen that people used that, but wasn’t keen as most people said that the fumes were rather strong.