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Glue help please

Ive made some things with a mod roc type plaster of paris covered bandage.
Ive tried to glue glitter to it with a glue like pva but it just seems to be resting on top of the bandages and can peel away easily.
Any ideas why and what I can use that will actually stick?

I am NO authority on glue at all…however, when I am stuck , I turn to PINFLAIR which is a silicone glue…it is thick but I think you could add glitter to it…
They always talk on tv about how PINFLAIR sticks anything and it stuck the leg back on my kitchen chair and hubby is a BIG man !!!..I have also heard of people sticking the heals back on their shoes too…
I am sure other people will have better ideas but now, I always keep pinflair in the house…It DOES take 24 hours to dry and harden, but it is clear and brilliant.

Maybe try a clear varnish with the glitter mixed into it? :slight_smile:

I wonder if painting it with a multi-surface primer first would help?..

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PVA is better for porous objects, such as wood & fabric, where it is absorbed into the surfaces it is sticking, and it sets under compression, so how strong it sets depends on how tightly the 2 pieces are clamped together. However I don’t really know what would stick glitter to .plaster bandages.

Thanks for the suggestions, il give them a try, maybe I should mix pva and water and add it to the mod roc while its still wet, and add the glitter when its all wet too. I need to do a lot of experimenting.

Well, pinflair didn’t work but Il use it to make gift boxes instead of using fiddly double sides tape.
I discovered an old bottle of Hobbycraft glue, I thought I may as well give it a go on the mod roc, low and behold the glitter is stuck fast!! Now I need to go to Hobbycraft as the glue has nearly run out.