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Glue pad, what am I doing wrong!

I bought a glue pad, like an ink pad but you can glue rubber stamp images and add things like glitter.
Ive experimented with it and nothing works.
Ive waited for the glue to dry over various time frames, then added fine glitter, but it can be easily scraped off, so if I put a glittered card image in an envelope it will rub off and go all fuzzy ad lose the detail.
This is happening even after ive left the glue and glitter to dry over night!

What am I doing wrong?

Have you managed to get anything to stick with the glue? (I’m thinking guilding flakes or similar) Does it feel tacky when first applied?
Also found you this youtube video which looks rather useful

(she rubs the glitter into the glue once its tacky)

HI, I saw that same tutorial. Yes its tacky. I don’t do gilding flakes, but il try foil.
I rub the glitter on, some of it stays on but its not thick like a glue pen would keep the glitter on.
When I scrape it with my nail the whole lot comes off even after its been drying for hours!

Im such an idiot, I have embossing tools. All I had to do was buy black sparkly embossing powder and it would have done the same thing I wanted the plain black glitter to do!!!
If I had a brain Id be dangerous!

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Hi, I read on the back of one of the glue pads that apparently you have to heat it rather like heating embossing powder, with a heat gun, if I find the pad I will let you know. I bought it a few years ago but never used it, I know !!! I’m pretty sure this is right, and then put your glitter on it, sorry to be so vague, but will let you know.

Thanks for the info. It specifically says on the lid that it doesn’t need heating, but il try it anyway. Its been days since I tried it originally and the glitter still scrapes off!