Folksy Ltd

Good to be back!

(Jo Marler) #1

Hello! I was a very active member of Folksy a few years back but took a break for a while due to changes in my personal circumstance. I’m now back with a new range of jewellery, have discovered the joys of precious metal clay. I hope you will visit my shop and have a look. All feedback would be welcome.

It’s great to be back and I look forward to spending time with like-minded people once again!


(Deborah Jones) #2

Hi Jo,
Welcome back .
Good luck with your new shop.

(Christine E.) #3

Welcome back, Jo! Your jewellery is very pretty :slight_smile: Good luck with your shop!

(HartAndCraft) #4

Hi Jo, I LOVE your leaf with 3 amethysts pendant. Good luck with your shop.

(James Alden) #5

Hi,good luck with your shop,although you do some lovely items and probably wont need luck to sell.

(Heidi Meier) #6

Welcome back and good luck! :slight_smile:

(Pauline Vinall) #7

Welcome back and good luck.

(Maxine Veronica) #8

welcome back Jo, good luck with the re-open :slight_smile:

(Plumporridge) #9

Good luck Jo. Can you tell me what precious metal clay is please? Your work looks lovely. Amanda xxx

(Helen Healey) #10

Welcome back. Your silver and amethyst leaf pendant is gorgeous - I’ve just favourited it.