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Back on folksy!

(Jellybeanjewellery) #1

I haven’t used my Folksy shop in a long time and since my Etsy shop hasn’t exactly been on fire I thought I’d give Folksy another chance. I started out here and didn’t do too well but I have learnt a lot since then. My jewellery has grown and developed in style and quality and Folksy has changed a lot too by the looks of it!
I’ve added the first couple of items to my store and i’ll add a few more to see how it goes. I am also making more use of pinterest and other social media so i’ll use those to direct people here.
Just wanted to say hi and if anyone has any tips they’d be gratefully recieved :smile:

(Roz) #2

Welcome back, just had a look at your shop and looks like you are going to have some lovely things. As far as advice re: selling on Folksy - only two words really - patience and promotion! Good luck.

(Leathermeister) #3

Welcome back @jellybeanjewellery
Roz @Rozcraftz is quite right but also there is lots of useful information available in the forums.
Good luck Hazel

(Amberlilly) #4

Welcome back! :grinning:

(Samantha Stanley) #5

Welcome back, Abi!

The more the merrier :wink:

Sam x

(Heidi Meier) #6

Hello! Welcome and good luck!! :smile:

(So Sew Megan) #7

Welcome. I’ve only been here since January but everyone has been very supportive and I love it.

(Maddisons Rainbow) #8

I have just come back now to sell supplies I have Etsy and FB pages and being on Etsy has taught me a lot so hope it goes better this time. I only have a few things on at the moment I will be listing this weekend

(Plumporridge) #9

It’s nice to see you back Abi! I haven’t been away, but I have just taken up the Plus account again so it’s a bit of a new start for me too. Onwards and upwards everyone! xxx

(Jellybeanjewellery) #10

thankyou! Fingers crossed for some success!

(Kbrownjewellery) #11

Hi Abi,

Wishing you lots of success. Believe it or not I am exactly in the same position. Just came back to folksy yesterday.

Karen x

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #12

Hello and welcome back.
I’m sort of in the same position, I closed my old shop 2 weeks ago because the last 2 years it has bugged me because it had my old business name and URL, to change it tho I had to start ALL over again. ergh!
Getting there now tho and this week I had my first sale!. But kinda feel like I have now got to do a big push to get the new and hopefully improved shop out there.
I also used to use etsy but didn’t have half the sales I got on folksy so decided to close etsy and put all my efforts into folksy (and my website and social media stuff).
It’s true tho you do need to be patient.

(Amberlilly) #13

I really want my shop to work here, I am increasing my listings daily and am now at 75! Glad to say, I have had a sale, but need more but how to promote, I’m just hopeless at it, I do it all wrong , at least I think I do??? I love selling to within the UK, less hassle and just nice. I am on Etsy and had a sale there too this week, to a UK resident! So, that kinda baffles me? Why Etsy and not Folksy, you don’t even have to register here at least I don’t think so?? I am running my Etsy shop down, unless it has a sudden upturn, but, then I’m thinking I would’ve missed out on the sale I had there this week, so, don’t know??? Still pondering?

(Maddisons Rainbow) #14

I think Etsy has a far greater reach than Folksy but both good in their own way. I have come back here to sell supplies but I might put a few different things on again later I will upgrade to Folksy Plus again as soon as I have spare cash so don’t want to list too much yet