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Google+ anyone?

I have just reopened my shop with a few items. I found the folksy group on google+, and joined it. Can anyone suggest any other groups I could join on there?
Also, if you use it, have you set up as your business on there? I am using my name, but I’d really like to have my crowcottage identity as a separate thing.

I’m on there under my name.

Groups will be suggested to you if you hover over community then click groupls

I’m in Handmade, handmade businesses, Artsy Craftsy people among others.


Welcome back- I don’t know anything about Google+ but just wanted to say I really love your halloween doll :smiley: I’m broke at the moment but if you ever fancied a doing a swap with either prims or jewellery let me know.

It appears on my blog, I dont know what it is or how to use it to my advantage.

You use it a bit like pinterst you post your items on there and then you can +1 (like) someone else’s or post a comment or share someone post. People will can do the same thing with your posts as well and the more that happens the more people see what you’ve posted.

Thankyou for the welcome back Sarah. You have lots of lovely things, just had a brief look, haven’t time this evening to look properly, shouldn’t be on here really:)