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I'm New, Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated!

(StripesAndMarble) #1

Hi All :slightly_smiling:

I’m new to Folksy and have just created my shop.

I would really appreciate it if anyone that has the time, if you could have a quick look and see if there is anything glaringly obvious that I have maybe missed. Or any general feedback would be really helpful!!

I look forward to being a Folksy member :smiley:

Emma x

(Roz) #2

Your shop looks fab and your photos and descriptions look great and detailed. Just be aware of the fact that Folksy crops your photos square in your shop front and search results - I don’t think it has affected any of your current photos too much but bear it in mind for the future. I find it easier to crop my photos before uploading them so I know they will be OK. Might be worth filling in your Meet the Maker section as lots of people like to know a bit about who they are buying from.

Welcome to Folksy and good luck with your shop :slightly_smiling:

(Julia K Walton) #3

Welcome, Emma

Lovely products and photos!

I would echo Roz’s comment about filling in the Meet the Maker section - you can add something about yourself and your work/inspirations etc by clicking on the Your Profile/Profile Settings link found on the bottom left hand side of your ‘Dashboard’ page.

Good luck! :smiley_cat:

(StripesAndMarble) #4

Thank you very much for your comments and advice! I didn’t realise there was a meet the maker section so I’m glad I posted and you guys replied :slight_smile:

I have filled this in now so hopefully I’ve done it all correctly. Thank you for the tip about the square photos too! I think I will crop before I upload next time to save the worry.

Really looking forward to listing more and getting to know the forum better!

Emma x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #5

hello and welcome

You photo’s and descriptions, titles, and tags look good.

So the next thing is you’ll need to promote your items and shop on as many social media platforms as possible, also by the Showcase part of the forum and via word of mouth, business cards etc etc.

All the best.

(Jan Ryan) #6

Nothing to add but just wanted to pop over and say hi and welcome :slight_smile:

(StripesAndMarble) #7

Thank you! Yes, social media is my next task on the list! Going to set up a Facebook and Twitter account, are there any craft specific type social media/advertising websites that anyone knows of?

Oh the showcase section of the forum sounds great, will have a look at this too :slight_smile:

Really appreciate the help and welcomes!

Emma x

(Joy Salt) #8

Small point but how are you planning on posting your coasters ?
It is very unlikely you can safely post them large letter (I assume they will need some bubble wrap round them) which is only 5cm thick. Your postal rate won’t cover small package which is currently £2.80 2nd and £3.30 lst and about to go up by 10p.

Apart from that everything looks great to me, good luck
Joy xx

(StripesAndMarble) #9

Hi Joy :slight_smile:

I was planning on posting them in a Jiffy bag with thick card either side to prevent bending. They are made of polymer clay so shouldn’t crack easily and are not too fragile. I may pop into the post office tomorrow and see exactly how much it will cost me to send them at the size I was planning to. I haven’t posted anything like this in a long time so thank you for bringing it to my attention!!!

Emma x

(Annie Storkey) #10

I post my glass coasters out by large letter, I used to just bubble wrap them within a grey bag (no breakages) but now they are bubble wrapped in a box which is sized for large letter.

(StripesAndMarble) #11

That’s really good to know, thank you! I was hoping to send them as large letter as long as the way I package them will be safe enough. May have to experiment with a few options I think :slightly_smiling:

Emma x

(Helen Smith) #12

I’d recommend PIP boxes too, I use them to post my flat glass ornaments. As well as the extra protection, they save me the worry that the contents may shift transforming a large letter into a small parcel on the way to the PO - or even worse, after posting it meaning the customer has to pay the extra postage charge.

(Roz) #13

I suspect they would be fine large letter if you bubble wrap them and use a pip box or similar

(Jan Ryan) #14

PiP boxes should be ok or you could use strong card and have the coasters sandwiched in between. I weigh and measure to check that some of my items can go large letter. I have a piece of card with a 2.5cm slot cut out so I can check it at home before I go to the PO. :slight_smile:

(Annie Storkey) #15

I bought these after someone here recommended them Obviously if your coasters go over the weight the price will increase a bit so you need to weigh the finished package.

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(StripesAndMarble) #16

Thanks for the advice everyone! I have just ordered some PIP boxes from Ebay, this definitely seems like the best option to keep them safe. They are quite lightweight too so hopefully they will meet the weight for large letter, I will package some up and get them weighed as soon as the boxes arrive! I didn’t realise these were so easy to get hold of!

Emma x

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(Brenda Cumming) #17

welcome to folksy…everyone here is lovely and very helpful…

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #18

Welcome to Folksy, looking good!

(StripesAndMarble) #19

Thank you guys :slight_smile: Everyone seems really friendly already!

Emma x


Wishing you lots of success with your lovely new shop.

Natasha x