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Great Pottery Showdown is Coming Back

I am so happy! The Great Pottery Showdown is coming back


That’s great, love it :slight_smile:


Excellent, love it!

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Well that’s good then. Last time it was on TV our sales at fairs did really well. Any other pottery types on folksy find the same happened for them ? :blush:


Yay, I’m so pleased it’s coming back :slight_smile:
Yes, sales were great at fairs during the time it was aired - it certainly piqued people’s interest and it was also a great conversation starter “Are you watching the pottery throw down?”
Or my favourite “Did you see the turtle toilet?” lol


I am so pleased :smiley::smiley: Was so disappointed when it was axed .(they have obviously had wise second thoughts) I love it :heart_eyes:

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Just love this programme.

I’ve never seen it! Very excited though as I’ve heard great things!

Has anyone heard when it’s on yet? I loved it, found it so inspiring and learnt lots that I could relate to even though pottery is something I’ve never done and probably will never do!

I hope if it returns that Sarah Cox comes back too, I like her, she so natural.